8 thoughts on “Sidetracked in March”

  1. We would have so much fun!!

    Mom has been very down with her back. Basically bedridden. My sister has spent a day with her, and Poppy doing the housework. Mom is having some studies done. I just hurt for her with her pain!! I do think she is improving but she is obeying orders to not do anything.

  2. Glad to hear your mom is being a good girl and not doing anything. Hopefully she will feel better soon. She is probably bored silly right now:(
    Thanks for the tour of your little shop. It's lovely! I wish we were closer, I'd love to be able to find things for you. In fact I'd probably love to have my own little shop:)

  3. Karen, I do hope she is all better soon!! You said it! She is having a hard time not doing anything. I have always wanted a shop!

  4. Wow …. your shop is looking very cool Lynn! So many neat things to look at. Wish I lived close enough to come and see it all! Hope you get a lot of visitors!!!

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