Steampunk Cat Christmas Cards!

Oh my goodness cat lovers!  Look at the Christmas Cards I ordered from Amazon.

M6554XSG Christmas Steampunk Cats: 10 Assorted Christmas Note Cards Featuring Fashionable Felines Dressed Up in All Their Victorian Steampunk Finery, w/White Envelopes.


Enjoy this day.

PS — that is my Amazon affiliate link, should you order.

8 thoughts on “Steampunk Cat Christmas Cards!”

    1. Mamasmercentile, aren’t they just the best! Oh my. I love to make my own cards as well, but I ordered these on a whim, with a gift certificate. They are waaay better than I expected. We’ve got so many crazy cat friends, these will be perfect. Thanks for looking!

  1. Oooh, Lynn, I love the little sweet wide eyed kitten the best, but aren’t they spectacular! You look so bright eyed and happy in your video, so happy to see that smile! Love them all, but the little kitten stole my heart. Have a nice day, Terry

    1. Terry, yes! I love them. I need to go ahead and order a couple more boxes. We are definitely using these this year! And thank you so much! There is change in the air. I think change in our lives comes in waves. Not sure what all it will be, but it’s all around me. My job. The studio. And my personal business focus has become so much more defined.

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