Storage Shelving: Wire Metal Bins

I was tired of stuff all over the kitchen table.  Then I saw it.  Jason and I were wandering around in World Market.  I fell in love with a shelf/storage unit, but was not sure I could use it as I wanted to.  He said, “take a picture of it so you can remember what it looks like when you get home.”  I did.

Wire shelf from World Market

Then I got home and I could not quit thinking about it. So I went back and bought it. I love it! I had to relocate just one painting (guitar painting, of course) on the wall, but it is perfect. It offers a lot of storage.

Wire shelf full of stuff!

One bin is full of coffee. Others hold tea bags. One has dish towels. Another has chocolate. Again, I love it. It was well worth the price of 129 dollars. I can see this lasting for a long time and being useful anywhere! It can be used as a hanging storage unit as well.

Metal storage bin at World Market (this is not an affiliate link)

Enjoy this day!

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