Stuff in the Shop and a Bird and a Poppy

My Dear Friends,

I wanted to pop in yesterday and say hello, but the day rushed away from me!  I have been doing so much lately, preparing for a guest post on another site, putting things in the shop, working on more sewing.  I love it!  It has been gray and rainy here.  While that always makes me feel a bit blue, I have tried to use the time wisely by getting INSIDE work done!

I did get the chance in between rain showers to catch a really lovely picture of one of the poppies in bloom in a little garden plot in the backyard.  Isn’t she lovely!

I also promised a few days back that I’d share some information about another eastern bird.  This is the rufous-sided towhee, or the eastern towhee.   We saw this particular bird the day that we were at the Sandhills Community College garden.  It’s a bird that one might glance at and think, “Why does that robin look so different?”  Well, it’s because it’s not a robin.  The bright reddish patch fools our eyes.  This bird has red eyes in the area of North Carolina but has white eyes farther south on the Atlantic coast and in Florida.  They are cute little birds!

Now, I will share a few items that went into the shop this week:

And more going in over the next 24 hours.

I better run.  So much to do!  I am also working on the plant marker tutorial, just so you know I have not forgotten.  It’s spread out on the desk even now!

Enjoy this day!

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