Sweet, Lovely Find — Vintage Paper Dolls

I remember reading about little girls of long ago, before the days of excessive toys or anything electronic. They would cut “paper dolls” from leftover catalogs and magazines given to them by their mothers. That was their fun!

Recently I came across an old magazine from 1907. When I opened it up, I was delighted! There inside was a stack of cut-out paper dolls. Babies. Bonnets. Ladies. Parasols. Rugs. Hats.  Horses.  Buggies.

I wonder what little girl cut these out. It looks like she even colored a few of her own! So sweet!  Enjoy.

Enjoy this day!

7 thoughts on “Sweet, Lovely Find — Vintage Paper Dolls”

  1. And she colored some of them! And drew her own! I did that!
    I loved paper dolls. Had some gorgeous Movie Star ones. Way too lovely to color. So I traced them, put them on paper, and colored them, there!
    And the Sunday newspaper had adds, of women’s fashions. Drawn. So when the paper had been read, I enjoyed coloring those adds. It was like a new coloring book, every weekend.
    What a delightful find! And thank you for showing us, and reminding me of a lovely childhood memory. 🙂
    Luna Crone

  2. They are gorgeous! What a find.
    I’m just patching up my Victorian screen and looking out for images like that. I hope I get as lucky as you. xxx

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