Completed December Daily journal!

Oh my goodness, it’s complete! On December 31st, I finished a month-long project to journal every day in a journal that I created especially for December 2018.

Many journal-keepers on YouTube do what is called a “December daily” where they journal and/or video daily. I did not quite get a video uploaded every day. Many days I did, but work and life got in the way some days.

That said, I thought you might enjoy seeing the video of this huge, beautiful, work-of-art journal. I have LOVED working in this!

I wish all of you a very wonderful, HAPPY 2019, full of prosperity and love and hope, and all that good stuff!!

Enjoy this day! xxLynn

Therapy: Journal Pages

When I am sad.  When I hurt.  When I have trouble just being still and letting go of things,  I make a journal page.  I have a small stack of papers, all the same size, all from the same type of paper.  I pull out the glue or Mod Podge and scissors, and I make a page with a theme of thought or color.  It helps me.  Every time.

Yes, I did, thankfully.

Tonight, particularly tonight, I just ache. Emotionally, I hurt. If I could only just pour my story out. But I will “go high” as they say, and not pour it out. I long for a wand to help those I love. I long for some magic dust to right the wrongs in this world. To help the underdog. To heal those who have been treated unfairly. I just hurt.  For everyone.  For everything.  For myself.  For others.

I guess art is a very safe thing to do, and I am sure it is healing. I am sure. Music is art, and it does the same thing for me.  My guitar, cradled in my arms, it helps.  What do you do when you feel restless? It is very easy, frail human beings that we are, to “act out” when we are restless. That might mean getting up and going somewhere. It might mean making a decision. (Probably not a good idea, that last one.) It might mean turning to a vice of some kind. Maybe it means raging or sleeping or crying.  It is very hard, in this frail state we exist in, to simply be still. I am really working on that. I think it is a lifelong process.

Enjoy this day!