Shop Being Readied For Spring

Dear Peeps,

This week has been busy thus far. I am preparing for this weekend when I will have a sidewalk sale and I am also planning a trip to Virginia. It is out with the old and in with the new. Spring is near! It is time for plants, birdbaths, lightweight clothing and springy home decor. A sidewalk sale is the perfect way to purge. I wanted to post before today, but here I am now. 😉 With blogging, it is really my desire to post daily. Sigh. I do what I can.

A birdbath that I made, now about 5 years old, sits in the little garden at Sidetracked. I am planning to make and sell several of these over the spring and summer. This particular birdbath is chunky and whimsical; however, birdbaths can be made in many styles. I love making them.

I made a vest this past week out of a sweatshirt. Oh my! It surpassed my thoughts of what it could be. Cut the sleeves off. Cut the sweatshirt down the front middle. Trim the edges with what you like. Use the sleeves to make pockets!

The pockets end up being so deep and roomy, I am calling this a garden vest in my mind, and yet I have been kicking around in this vest for a couple of days now over two different outfits.

It is just the right amount of warmth on these spring days! And, again, I love how roomy and deep the pockets are! I can put my entire checkbook size wallet in one of them and feel confident that it won’t fall out.

A photo of shop inventory.

When I have a few extra minutes I whip up little shopping bags to put large purchases in. It is quick. I am overrun with fabric scraps and this is the perfect use. Two squares sewn together. Add handles.

That is all I have for now. Thanks so much for recent comments.

Enjoy this day!


The Wait Is Still On For Baby

Baby, oh baby, I am tired. We had another “false alarm” last night but it was not really false. The baby is engaged. There are real contractions doing real work. But not quite to the point where they keep you. You know, not like 4 or 5 cm yet. So everyone is waiting it out at home again. But it cannot be long!

My little sweetie Greyson woke up to an empty house except for me. I think he was confused. He started crying. He loves the movie Frozen. So guess what we were doing at midnight?

Yep. I did what I had to do. Not gonna let that baby cry And cry. No no. Grandma is gonna watch Frozen.

I figured he’d get used to the fact that he was with me, accept it and fall asleep. That is exactly what he did. Sweet baby. He loves the music in Frozen. He will watch and watch and watch.

So I am just really beat today. Slept in Greyson’s room on the small bed next to his crib but I woke up at every sound. Got extra close to make sure he was okay at times he was sound asleep. Stood there staring at him. He is like a replica of his dad.

In other news wanted to share some shop photos.

Felted purse. Old papers. Bracelet.

Party dresses.

And I wanted to show you too the most recent bag I made. It is from some coffee fabric curtains!! I love it!!

I will hopefully post new baby pictures soon.

Enjoy this day!


Just Another Day and a Hat with Great Shape

Dear Peeps,

Another heavy duty bag went into the shop this evening. I really like the way it turned out.

Made from pieces from the fabric stockpile.

The strap ends in a heavy metal ring on one side. Love it. Great for hanging keys.

Pink pocket on one side has a metal snap closure.

This to me is a great flea market bag or Saturday bag.

Now. Hats!! I have added 6 hats to my inventory this week. As of today, this is my favorite.

Its shape is just perfect. It has a steampunk flair that I love!

That is all for now, except that we are supposed to get some serious precipitation tonight and into early morning. I had planned to be off work tomorrow anyway to get a crown. Not on my head mind you, though that is a nice thought, but on a tooth! So I am ready to be snowed in.

Enjoy this day.