Walk With Me

Remember when we used to walk together through the garden? That was fun. Now let’s walk outside the shop and look at something sweet.

We are back in the dressing room in the caboose. We can see out towards the door.

Look! I have been collecting letters randomly, intending to say VINTAGE. My collection is complete and hanging over the doorway in the center of the caboose. It is for safety as much as anything. Tall people need to watch their heads in the caboose.

I love this new hat. I have recently acquired a lot of hats from an estate. This is like a bonnet, and it reminds me of Little House on the Prairie.

That is a heavy, heavy door latch! I keep a sign outside letting people know that they have to turn the doorknob really hard to come inside.

My little “sink” and garden area. I have an old Watts pottery bowl that I use to wash my hands. And I have garden supplies. And a few of the items are for sale!

Now, look at this!

Look out over the railing from the platform. It’s the trolley next door.

The caboose used to be a vital part of the train, allowing crew a place to look out in front of and behind the train. My caboose is a standard cupola. There would have been high seating for the crew to see out the windows in the cupola. Anyway, there is an old trolley next to my caboose. Uh, it looks like someone had tea in there and left their teacup behind.

Come on and let’s go down the steps. I want to show you something. On the way down, we pass by my flower box attached to the railing. And be careful on the steps.

Look what I found.

When I peered down over the railing this morning I saw a yellow bloom. It’s a sunflower in my garden. And I did not plant it. Life is like that. There are sometimes really sweet things in places we don’t expect.

Enjoy this day!