Steampunk Cat Christmas Cards!

Oh my goodness cat lovers!  Look at the Christmas Cards I ordered from Amazon.

M6554XSG Christmas Steampunk Cats: 10 Assorted Christmas Note Cards Featuring Fashionable Felines Dressed Up in All Their Victorian Steampunk Finery, w/White Envelopes.


Enjoy this day.

PS — that is my Amazon affiliate link, should you order.

After-Christmas Sales, and Now We Watch for Spring!

Okay, okay, so it is barely winter. I know we cannot really even see spring on the horizon yet, but it is just the way I am. As soon as Christmas is over, I begin thinking about the coming springtime and plans for the garden. But first, let’s talk about Christmas. I had a delightful time with family. There was a lot of food, as always, and I am very thankful for that. I know there are many who do not have plenty; there are many who do not even have enough.

My beautiful mama with her great-granddaughter.

Prior to Christmas, my sweet mama ( came to visit. We went to see my grandchildren, her great-grandchildren. What a special treat that as soon as the baby saw mama she put out her arms to her. She knew a sweet angel when she saw one!

Um, amazing cat pin. That’s all.

I found this amazing little wooden cat pin recently at The Durham Rescue Mission store. I loved wearing this to visit my grandchildren! Especially the baby girl loved it. I have seven grands, by the way, two biologic and five steps, but my oh my, they are all such lovely, wonderful children, and I love them all!

Cutting up with grandbaby!

My sweet little A, which should stand for “angel-baby,” loved cutting up with grandma in front of the iPad!

Amazing hat, for when I am in the mood for dreadlocks.

After Christmas, looking at the ornaments on sale at Morgan Imports in Durham, I spent some time with my maybe-someday-mother-in-law, a delightful energetic friend whose company I enjoy. The goal now is to get her together with my own sweet mom. I think we’d all have fun out shopping for a day! At any rate, I did not expect to fall in love with a hat while we were out shopping, but this hat feels like it has dreadlocks attached! And I have always secretly loved dreadlocks.

Beautiful ornament purchased at Morgan Imports’ after-Christmas sale.
I love this retro-looking sun face ornament, purchased from Morgan Imports.
OMGOSH. Beans cooked on the grill.

During the Christmas weekend, Jason and I spent some time with his family. I felt it was a complete necessity to get a picture of this rustic cast-iron pot that had been outside on the grill. Would you look at these beans! Oh, they were good.

Now, finally, Jason and I love to play music together and we love making videos. For Christmas I surprised him with a drone — the Breeze 4K (my Amazon affiliate link). We have been wanting more creative ways to video our music. Yesterday we took the Breeze outside for her maiden launch! Then we took her inside to check out what she could do inside. What fun! Look at Mars’ ears.  So far, the Breeze has been an excellent choice for us. Soon we hope to share some more official reviews of the Breeze.  Here is a tiny clip of what we did inside. Believe me, there is more video planned to follow this!  NOTE:  We returned the Breeze 4K and upgraded to a DJI Phantom 4 because the Breeze kept losing signal.  I think the Breeze is a great selfie drone for low altitudes and indoors, but we constantly lost signal each time we went outside and flew above a certain altitude (not very high).

Breeze Launch from Lynn Hasty on Vimeo.

The view from above: playing with the Breeze 4K drone.


Stay tuned!

Enjoy this day.

Christmas Tree Party and a Few Guitar Christmas Ornaments

Once Thanksgiving is done, it seems a good time to pull out lights, the tree, and boxes of ornaments.  We decided to cook a big pot of spaghetti and have Jason’s mom come over to his house and help us with the tree.  It was such a treat to look at every carefully wrapped ornament.  Jason has a large collection of ornaments.  I have not so many.  In fact, during the many moves I have been through since my divorce, I lost a precious box of ornaments.

One of the most fun things we would do each Christmas with our homeschool group was an ornament exchange.  Each mom would make a batch of ornaments to represent one of the Five in a Row books we had studied.  With a dozen moms in the group, each mom would come home with a variety of ornaments from the exchange.  They were so beautiful!  Looking at them was a reminder of our books, our outings and fieldtrips, and our friendships.  Alas, my collection is gone forever.

As an aside, I am working on an article about what I have been through because of the divorce.  Stay tuned.  But for now, let’s be present tense and moving forward.

Here, enjoy a few ornaments!  I purchased a few of my own this year to add to our collection together.  Two of the guitar Christmas tree ornaments are newly purchased by me to add to our collection, but Jason had many guitar ornaments of his own already!  I just love them!  (The zebra and guitar are two separate ornaments.)

Enjoy this day!

img_8594 img_8595 img_8596

img_8587 img_8586 img_8585 img_8584

Visit Amazon for many more guitar ornaments. Ornaments make great gifts. Musical Instrument Christmas Ornament (5″ Black Electric Guitar)

Thanksgiving Day

Dear Friends,

Yesterday was full of things to be thankful for: healthy, happy children; food; sweet friendship; music; fall leaves and the promise of a garden; freedom.


After a family dinner, Jason and I went to help a friend who was having trouble with her tree lights! This 11-foot tree took 10 strands of lights, so no wonder she was frustrated. While she and I visited, Jason traced every strand and found the problem! What a pretty tree.


Jack Russell terriers, Penny and Maggie
Jack Russell terriers, Penny and Maggie
Boots with cut-outs, by Bumper.
Boots with cut-outs, by Bumper.
lacy belt
Dress by Red Camel. Shirt by Angie. Not sure who made the belt.
Top French braid.
Top French braid.

Walking billboard for the shop. That’s me. Handmade bracelets and old keys on leather cord, lacy this, lacy that; but I am not complaining. I have always loved clothes, something I came by honest. Both my grandmothers loved clothes and pretty things. They were very different in their style, but they did have a love of clothing in common. With this, I will close. Jason and I are pulling his tree out of the attic tonight. It will be fun to decorate and relax this evening. Hopefully there will be time left over to practice our music some.

Enjoy this day!


Gearing Up For Christmas At Sidetracked

Dear Friends,

I am in the shop right now. It is a place I love. My happy place. It is just a shame that sometimes we have to get to a point where we have to “allow” ourselves to have something like this. It is also a shame that a woman might have someone in her life who says, “you can’t do that.” I am very happy now to have the most supportive love and friendship in my life. It makes it so much easier to thrive and take chances and succeed with those chances.

I am gearing up for Christmas in the shop. I love the twinkly lights! I love the customers who come in! Today was the first day that I began unpacking vintage ornaments and bringing them in. More to come, but I wanted to share with you one of my little trees.


Most little nooks and corners in the shop are adorned with old photos.


Right now one of my favorite customers is in the shop. She takes her time and looks at every tiny treasure. We discovered that we both love making doll houses and dolls.

I will close for now. Oh my gosh it feels so good to have WordPress installed and reliable hosting and something to blog about!