In The Spirit of Buffalo Bill

The most recent altered creation is this Buffalo Bill, lace trimmed tee shirt.

The flower is hand made from the same fabric as the added side panels. I learn a little more every time I make one. I have seen fabric flowers at times and thought “that looks so easy to make!” But not so. There is an art to making a really pretty fabric flower. Maybe time is the trick. Hard to make one that’s worth anything if you don’t spend a bit of time. Hmmm.

I love old ironstone. I love pink. I love crazing in old pottery, and old pottery in general.

One of my recent finds is this most excellent and absoluteLy working GE clock. Love!

Bought it not knowing if it would keep time but hoping that it would. Score!

Soft soft pink J Jill shirt.

Wonderful gypsy-esque skirt.

Inventory in the store consists of the same kinds of things I love to wear myself.

A sweet mushroom pin hangs in the shop. (Thank you, sweet Pam!)

Sidetracked has been so healing for me. So empowering. Honestly, in the past I have been discouraged from being myself. There was always a reason I could not take a risk. Always a reason something would not work. Friends, with that kind of relationship, my life was nearly consumed!! I mean, I completely understand that as parents we have to sacrifice, but in our 40s and 50s and still being convinced that we cannot do something? Let me just say that those who really love you will WANT you to do the things that help you grow and make you better and happier.

That’s all.

Enjoy this day,


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