Quilt tops, a River Walk, and Kitties

The weekend was a whirlwind of busy-ness.  It started with a Friday walk on the Hillsborough River Walk.  We just missed the rain, getting our steps in before the drops started falling!  Jason and I admired again the amazing man-made stickwork structure by artist Patrick Doughtery.

I was in my sweet little shop Sidetracked on Saturday.  I love meeting my customers.  I had a new customer from Raleigh who found me on line.  She and her husband stopped in and we had a nice visit. Of course, the kitties (all four of them) keep life interesting and sweet.

Jason and I did a lot of garden work over the weekend, which was evidenced by my Fitbit blowing up with steps.  I managed a quick stop by The Scrap Exchange where I saw some beautiful quilt tops.  I passed them by without purchasing, but I did take a few pictures.

The entrance to the River Walk.
“A Sight to Behold” by Patrick Dougherty
Stickwork structure that is just amazing to see!
Looking up through the top of “A Sight to Behold”
A window inside the structure.
Sedums growing in a plant box at Sidetracked.
Quilt top at The Scrap Exchange.
Quilt top at The Scrap Exchange.
Amelia resting in my guitar case.
Mars resting in my guitar case.

Enjoy this day!

My Orchid Blooms Again

I have watered it exactly as directed: two little plastic cups full, once a week.  It has been sitting in a conditioned space (my sweet shop) in a bright window all throughout the past year.  And guess what!

The orchid Jason bought for me is blooming again. I have never kept an orchid this long, so I really didn’t even know if it would bloom a second time. How sweet!

In guitar news, we did manage to see that amazing performer I alluded to last week. Tommy Emmanuel. He has done a TED talk that will explain a bit about how he plays guitar and how he thinks of music. It was an amazing show! I just cannot even say in words how inspiring he was.  His opening act, Joe Robinson was great for sure, and the light show during Tommy Emmanuel’s music was phenomenal.

Seeing someone so amazing can inspire you greatly, or it can make you timid about ever picking up your guitar again!  We decided to keep on trying!

Enjoy this day!


Fresh From The Tame Little Garden

My Dear Friends,

There was a bountiful harvest this morning, fresh from The Tame Little Garden.

Now.  I could tell a big fib and say I grew the bananas and the strawberries in my office, but I bet someone would see right through that.   So I’m gonna stick to the truth and tell  you that I grew only the chives.

Yes, the chives came with me from the old garden, The Little Wild Garden, a little garden that has a lot of me in it–a lot of my sweat, dreams and some of my heart.  And many creatures that I encouraged to take up residence there.  These chives started as babes, were separated and planted in pots, ready to sell at the farmer’s market, but that’s a thing of the past.  Now, I have two pots of chives in my bright office window.

Did you know that chives belong to the onion genus, or Allium?  The “hot” smelling oil in these plants contains sulphur, which is a good germ fighter.  Chives have not traditionally been used as heavily medicinally as onions and garlic, simply because they do not have as much of this oil.  Still, it’s there, and in The Tame Little Garden, chives are my sulphur-rich herbs.

I love that I can grow chives inside.  It’s one herb that will do okay inside.  They do need full sun, so they need a very sunny window, and they like to be used.  Leaf blades can be cut down to about 1 inch from the soil and used in soups, salads, as garnish.  When cold weather arrives, it’s best to put the pots outside and let the foliage be killed back by the frost.  Bring them in again and they’ll come back out.

In other news, a name for my little cottage is still floating around in my mind.  I worked out at the gym again tonight, and last night, so that’s three nights in a row, folks!  What are we going to do with me?  My my my!

The gym had several people already there when we got there tonight.  Sometimes Michaela and I have the gym quite to ourselves, but then sometimes there’s lot of people there.   Tonight, actually, there was a very pretty, trim, fit, muscular, (did I say pretty?) lady on the treadmill, and she had on real workout clothes.   I was dressed in high-water gray sweats, bright pink Valentine’s day socks, and an assortment of T-shirts and tank tops.  Thank goodness the tank top was long.  And that’s all I’m gonna say about that.  Except that I was also wearing my running shoes from 1987.   But I did smile.  Yes, you can always wear a smile.  No matter what else you happen to have on.  And just for the record, she had a smile on too.  And so did her male exercise partner.  I didn’t pay much attention to his clothes.  Mostly because I figured if I didn’t pay much attention to his clothes he wouldn’t pay much attention to mine.   At that particular moment, I felt like I’d be more comfortable if I also had a poncho on (for obvious reasons) but that might just attract more attention, so I crossed that thought out of my mind and went on riding on my exercise bike like I was there all the time, and where had they been, by the way.

Have I ever told you how much I like having a public blog on which to pour out thoughts and ramble on?

On that note, I shall depart to my bedroom chamber and take up where I left off in my book, which is a secret book until I decide to tell you all about it.

I hope you enjoyed this day.


The Altered Duvet Cover

Symbolic?  Perhaps.  It could easily represent the splitting up of a marriage, but we are not going to look at it that way.  No.  We really are not.  However, the symbolism was not lost on me as I cut up a duvet cover over the weekend and made curtains for my large office widow.

I had been wondering what to do about curtains.  The blinds are nice, I guess.  They get pulled up each morning, let down around noon but set to let in light, closed completely when the sun is the hottest, pulled back up when dusk arrives, then closed at darkness. I wanted something pretty from the inside and the outside.  Something billowly, with color, but also something that would let in light.

Not enough money.  No.  I scoured the thrift stores.  Nothing big enough.  Not enough that matched.  Tuesday Morning had discounted draperies, but still too much.  Still too much.  Then I remembered a duvet cover going to waste back at the old house.  It has been folded up, waiting.

I remembered the tabs for tying the cover closed.  “Perfect for curtains!“

I love the look of them.  Sort of shabby. Sort of country.  A bit English countryside.  Maybe?  Be still my heart.

Anyway, I walked outside to take a look, and when closed, they look like a stained glass window.  Oh my.  Perfect.

I’d much rather pull a curtain panel than lift blinds all day.  Besides, who doesn’t like a stained glass window?

So there you have it!  An idea for your old duvet covers.
Expect a new name for our apartment cottage soon.  We cannot be going around without a name, and Sage Bunny Cottage just doesn’t work anymore.  But I have an idea in mind.   Or maybe two.

Must run.  Lots to do.  Working today, enjoying my billowy new curtains.  Enjoying the soreness of muscles that worked out at the gym last night!  Yes I did!!  Michaela made me do it, and I am so grateful to that little gem of a girl.  We’ll be going (hopefully, fingers crossed, stick a needle in my eye), every day.

Enjoy this day!