Faerie House Completed

I finished the faerie house this morning! Just in time to wrap it up for Christmas. I think it’s so cute, dolls and all.

Paisley, above, rests in her bed of clouds.The dolls are made from Sculpey. Their arms and legs are attached with full-thickness embroidery thread. We’ll see how they hold up.

I wrote a little note to my daughter and Mod-Podged it to the back of the house. It’s dated, with a special love note from Mommy. It tells her that Pinky and Paisley (the dolls) are faerie-like forest creatures that live deep in the woods. They love human food and will borrow it (steal it?) whenever they get the chance.

Pinky sits at the tea table. I may paint it to look like a colorful mushroom at some point. Not sure. I kind of like it as is.

This cute little group of baby woodland creatures sits in a pretend stone hollow at one end of the downstairs. I cut the picture from an ad in a ME magazine.

Ahhh. Home Sweet Faerie Home!

The wall above the bed is clouds too. With little birds for sweet dreams.

I think she’ll be surprised.

Hidden beneath the top shelf, this poem makes a sweet picture for the little faeries’ ceiling.

Maybe I’ll have some more pictures from when she opens it.

Where We Are On The Faery House

The Faery House, which will be located in the woods near the doll house, is coming along quite nicely.

This is the upper level — up in the treetop. I have layers to add yet to make it seem more “in the clouds” and somehow I have to add a faery bed that will fit in.
The lower floor houses a rustic Sculpey table and chairs set with teapot and cups — also from baked Sculpey.
I’ve pulled the little faery table out so that you might see all the food they’ve stashed underneath their tree. Faeries love a taste of human food sometimes. A lot of the embellishments came from old Mary Engelbreit paperdolls from her magazine. I LOVE her magazine, Home Companion. Will show you more as I go. Princess of the Universe will have so much fun with this! She has not seen this at all yet.


The Beginnings of a Faery House

Faeries don’t need huge houses, of course, being such tiny creatures. And faeries just love rustic, out-of-the-way places where no one would think to look for them, like this shelf I’m turning into a faery home for Princess of the Universe.

There is SO much more I’ve yet to add, but wanted you to see the first layers. A tree to hide under. Pink tissue paper Mod-Podged in for the base. A bird on each level. I’ll post updates as I can. Princes of the Universe has not even seen this project yet. Shhh. It’s a surprise.

I think this would be a great little shelf for her art desk — to keep her inspired.