A Lesson Found

I stopped at an antique store today on my way home from visiting my aunt and uncle. I figured I would see something really pricey that I would want and not be able to have, so I braced myself for that. But oh my goodness.

Do you see the money on the doll house dresser tray? That stack of money was laying in the antique store on top of a wooden box. As soon as I saw it, I thought of The Year of the Doll House. I asked how much I could buy it for, for our doll house, and they just gave it to me. ??? So I am thinking that this little project was supposed to come our way.

And guess how much money it is?

9271 dollars. Why that amount? I am not sure how to turn this into a fun lesson. Before I counted the money, I was going to set it as a pretend budget for her doll house and then everything we purchased for the doll house would come out of it, even if only on paper — just to show her how expensive things can be, but I can’t do that. I can’t spend 9271 real dollars on the doll house!

But what if I wrote that amount down and used it for our real house? Nine-thousand two-hundred seventy-one dollars will sound like SO much to my daughter. And what if, for math, we subtracted everything I have to buy for our own home in 2008 from that amount?

I think she could really get a sense of budgeting. I am thinking that that is the amount I am supposed to work with. After all, there it was and it was given to me.

How cool is that? I will let you know what we do with it.



Homemade Doll House Dresser

I must say I am so pleased. I just had to share this. Sweet-pea and I sat down this evening and worked on a piece of doll house furniture — a dresser. With a mirror and everything!

We used match boxes for the drawers. My husband carefully removed a mirror from a compact I had. Last night at work we had some excellent boxes that were going to be thrown out. They were heavy cardboard, but not corrugated. Very smooth and sturdy. Just right.

We cut out a “frame” from one end of a box, into which we could glue the drawers. Then we cut a piece of box to be glued onto the back. Finally, the mirror was glued into place. For the pulls on the drawers, we used a needle to punch holes (carefully now!) into two places on the front of each drawer. We took a little piece of raffia and drew it through and tied in the front.

Isn’t it great?? ~:-D