Bear Attack!


Mother was frantic to wake up husband because she could hear a bear trying to get into the house.

(All this thanks to Michaela’s imagination! And Actually this bear was quite tame when we were reading We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. )

Ahh, you knew he looked familiar, didn’t you? Father was up in a flash and commanded that mother get the large knife from the kitchen. After all, their only gun had been lost in a storm.

Sadly, Father had to kill the bear, but after all the bear was a threat to his big family. At one point the struggle was so intense the knife went flying into a dark corner of the room. Thank goodness Mother knew where to find the flashlight. The family dogs heard the struggle immediately and were all barking at the bear and jumping on the bear to help Father. It ended with everyone safe and with Mother and Father having plenty of bear meat for the winter.

The American Doll

Yes, it’s true. The mysterious foreign doll who showed up at the doll house needing a home wants to become an American. Even now, she is studying to become a citizen.

Gasp! She’s reading about… War?

Oh, it’s a particular war. The beautiful doll shows us that she is learning about Abraham Lincoln from her little history book for dolls. By the way, we are still trying to learn her name. I have an idea for a name for her. My daughter has a few ideas. Do you have any suggestions for a beautiful name for the mysterious foreign doll? I would love your comments!

Doll House Decluttering

We have done some decluttering of the doll house.

Hey. Even dolls can only move around and function so well when there’s too much clutter. Of course, it won’t do to throw out something you use from time to time, even if you’re in a decluttering frenzy. Now, that’s a lesson to teach!

You’ll see the fancy dog bed that Princess of the Universe made from a little tin from the thrift store and some fabric scraps. That dog sure has a nice bed.

She put a couple of pieces of wood on the “fire.” Of course the fireplace was drawn on paper and then decopauged to the wall.

The bathroom was also moved to a room with a fireplace (made from a cardboard papertowel roll), and yes that’s the man of the house in the bathroom currently. Ahem. I desired to edit this out, but Princess of the Universe insisted it should stay in. It is real life, after all.

How would you like a huge, round bathtub which allowed you to step out and dry in front of a roaring fire? Could be dangerous. But it could be warm. 🙂