New Sculpey Furniture

Dear Friends,

Just give me some Sculpey and a doll house and I am happy!

I molded the furniture and put a pretty design in it with a clay stamp. The hacky sack makes a good beanbag chair or table. The lamp is made from a clay and a very pretty lid that caught my eye in the grass by the sidewalk the other day.

Between the first picture and the second, a bear moved in and I painted in the design to give the furniture some interest.

A stack of clay plates and all this furniture, available to some child somewhere soon.

Enjoy this day!

Papa’s Easy Chair

Dear Doll House Lovers,

You know me.  I cannot throw anything away without wondering:  what could this be used for?

So it was that I found myself holding an empty, clear-plastic clamshell case from which we had taken and used dust masks when we painted the kitchen.  The clamshell enticed me to pull out the scissors and glue gun. 

Enter Papa’s easy chair.

I wish I had taken pictures of the process, but it was so spontaneous, I forgot!  Anyway, this is so simple, I think you can easily imagine the process as you see the pictures. 

The first step was to separate the clamshell into two pieces.  I only needed one side from it to make my chair.   I trimmed any edges that felt sharp or that stuck out beyond the simple round, concave piece that I needed.

I cut a rounded piece of quilted fabric from some scraps I had and did a large loop stitch around the outside edge of the fabric, just to help it lay flat and not look so untidy.

The piece of fabric was hot glued into the plastic shell.

Turning the chair over, there was a trough all the way around into which I hot-glued beads.  This gave a pretty trimming to the chair and also gave it sturdiness. 

What to do for legs?  Well, I keep a box of wooden “do-dads” including clothespins, and we have pulled from that many times to make our doll house furniture.  This was easy peasy!  Just attach the clothespins.  And they can be adjusted to let Papa recline or sit up taller!

I hope you enjoyed this most recent creation.  Now that I have a granddaughter here frequently, I am expecting the doll house to get lots of use.  And my daughter, Michaela, the little princess for whom it was all started, she is now 14 and able to pass along her making and playing skills to her little niece.

Don’t forget to play!  And remember to keep things age appropriate and supervised.  Hot glue guns need supervision, and so do small pieces like beads, etc.


Glad Greetings Cottage

I wanted to share with you the latest little house that’s going to market.

Isn’t it amazing, and fun, to see what can be made from old boxes and things that would otherwise go in the trash?

The cottage is called Glad-Greetings because of the little girl on the support column and her Glad Greetings.

Made from a cardboard box, this little cottage has wood floors, fabric walls and a beautiful lace “wall paper border.” It comes with handmade furniture.

There’s a fireplace in the corner, with a hearth and a little pot made from Sculpey and wire.

Cork and wire make for good curtain rods, and lace always makes pretty curtains.

The sleigh style bed boasts storage drawers underneath, of course covered in sparkles and with dainty wire-and-bead drawer pulls.

The little window sill is big enough for sitting things on, perfect for a little fairy who lives in the woods and collects things.

A chinese take-out container was cut in half and then covered in fabric to make two beautiful wingback chairs.

The containers were unused and probably would have ended up in the trash were it not for The Scrap Exchange.

I put in a little Kelly doll to illustrate the size of the furnishings.

A clock and little dishes made from Sculpey have started filling in the cupboard, made from a little gift box.

I hope you enjoyed your tour!

Enjoy this day.

Allowing Children To Create

I love the way working with a doll house that’s homemade brings out the creativity in children.

My daughter has made two items lately, totally by herself and not by my urging. First, a crib/playpen. It’s made from a box that contained soap. The legs are tall wooden beads. It is trimmed in ribbon and rick-rack.

And a shower. The shower is pieced together from all sorts of things: a clear plastic box that contained who-knows-what, old ribbon, old lightweight wood left over from an airplane kit, and of course a condiment container. She even used a foam sticker as a no-slip pad in the tub.

Just have fun!

Doll House Bookshelf

Bless their little hearts, my dolls are such book lovers! I knew I needed to find a way to make them a bookshelf for their doll house. When my husband tossed this into the trash can…

my mind raced to the doll house. This is the perfect size — tall and narrow — for making a bookshelf. I retrieved it and put it on my craft desk.

I cut it down to the size I wanted, making the depth and height the perfect size for our dolls and their doll house books. Some of the left-over pieces of the box were used to make shelves which were hot-glued into place.

I then used Mod-Podge to put into place some heavy pieces of scrap book paper, making a sort of veneer on the doll house bookshelf. One large piece, perfectly cut, slid in perfectly behind the shelves, on top of a layer of Mod-Podge, so that made the inside back of the doll house bookshelf.To smooth the edges and give the doll house bookshelf more design I Mod-Podged little pieces of tissue paper around the edges.

I then started putting books in. Ooohh the little dolls had goosebumps when they heard about their new bookshelf!

See anything that appeals to you?

I think we would agree, this is the best corner of the doll house.