The July Garden 2008 — Looking Ahead

I am still wading through photos. They are waist high! Well, not really, but feels like it. I do love the gasp, shock, and thrill of opening each digital folder and remembering days gone by. As I plan new garden beds, it is useful to study old photos and decide what I want to recreate and what I do NOT want to recreate.

Garden paths:  a for-sure thing.  They add personality to a garden!  They add structure and good bones.  They have to be in the right place.  A pathway needs to lead somewhere.   I need to buy a stack of garden pavers and begin the process of planning mosaic tops for them.  I think about 10 would do nicely for a start.  I have a place in mind for them.  They will round the corner of the house and mark a path underneath a huge tree/shrub that bends toward the house like an arbor.

garden path

A goldfish pond is something I will surely recreate. I love water in the garden. The sound, the look, the wildlife it brings ’round.

cats love a garden

Cats love a garden! Mind you, I do not want a dozen feral cats ravaging my creatures, but I do feel like we have several neighborhood cats who I would like to have wallowing in the sunshine! (Pouncy, I mean you.)

cassia – wild “volunteer”

I definitely still want a mix of native wild plants and cultivated nursery plants. I want things I can harvest safely for infusions, which means, at least in my garden haven, there will be no pesticides!

Asiatic lily

The arbor. My friend. I will definitely want another arbor or two, but they do have to have a place. One cannot just stick an arbor randomly in a yard and hope for grace. The arbor needs to be a magical door to somewhere you want to go in the garden.

Enjoy this day!