North Carolina Sunrise

Another week has flown! I find myself not having posted for 8 days!

This morning, Jason captured a beautiful North Carolina sunrise with our DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter. That is an affiliate link.  I love Amazon, by the way.  I have Amazon Prime.  The photos are stunning!

Call me a Carolina girl!

So what else has been happening over the last week? I have continued to work on a sweet, tiny sanctuary of a garden in “Lynnwood.” Let me preface my garden photos with this video. This will undoubtedly illustrate for you just how familiar the deer are with folks around here. No fear. Eating everything from native plants to cultivated plants labeled “deer proof.” Deer proof. Yeah, right.

That said, here are some garden photos.

A collapsible twig door. Lots of potted veggies and herbs.
This tiny fenced-in garden will be my haven from the deer. The centerpiece is a new clematis that is heartily trying to grow, but the deer keep eating it! A sweet friend saved my stepping stones from the old house.
With a few bricks from the old house, and a significant token from the foundation of the old house, I have formed a bed in the ground for seeds.
Knowing how perennials fill out, and how structures and pathways give bones to a garden, I know the garden will feel softer and more lush over time. For now, it’s new, and it looks new! Ugh.

I have great plans for this little garden. It gets lots of sun. I am seeing more birds, more butterflies, and I can’t wait to put in a little chair so I can sit in my Zen garden and watch the tomatoes grow! I hope the deer will not jump this fence, but my hope is to expand and heighten a few fenced-in areas to give myself some garden sanctuaries set up on the edge of Lynnwood, a pine garden with a pathway, birds, deer, frogs, and native plants.

In other gardening news…

The blooms are dreamy and perfect.
A beautiful pale pink azalea.
This orchid from Jason is going into its second year. I cannot believe I have nurtured it for this long! It survives and thrives!
A beautiful orchid from my dear Jason. The orchid will soon be two years old (to me).

I hope this week will allow me to post more about day-to-day activities, especially the garden. There’s a gig coming up. I have a lull between classes. Work and family keep me busy. I would love to hear any thoughts you might have on gardening!

Enjoy this day!

Home Depot Flower Shopping

Last night it was raining, but that did not stop Jason and me from going to Home Depot to search for some things we needed.  Of course we ended up in the lawn and garden section.  It was raining out, so we could not get to most of the plants without getting soaked.  I know the plants were loving the rain!  We did get photos of a few plants that we might be able to put into our gardens.  We have a lot of deer who like to visit and eat the plants, so we are slowly composing a list of plants that the deer won’t eat!  That said, I have read and heard that deer will eat anything if they get hungry enough.  So far we have had success with:

  • butterfly bush
  • lavender
  • rosemary
  • iris
  • azalea
  • lamb’s ear
  • dianthus

In the background of all of our daily activities, the kitties make everything more cheery.  Amelia snuggles up to me when I am resting on the couch in the evenings.  Vlad stretches confidently while I am working.

calla lillies
Garden plants at Home Depot

I found an amazing iron bed frame that is going to make a great flower BED. Not sure where it will end up, but for now it is heading up some plants that were sweetly given to me by Henny Penny. And a potted yew that had been at the shop for a year needed to come home and get repotted. It was nearly completely root bound.


Enjoy this day!

The Magical Garden: I Shall Never Get Tired of Plants and Garden Whimsy

A few photos from the little whimsical garden outside my shop, Sidetracked:

A planter full of sedums.

Bottles sit atop metal posts.
Bottles in the garden.
A stack of this and that.

I will close with a few photos taken from an antique photograph in the shop currently. There was no information on the back of the photograph, but I sure wish there had been!

Enjoy this day!

The Prettiest Flowers: Babies, Columbine, Solomon’s Seal, Sedum

There are pretty flowers, and then, there are pretty flowers!  I used to say my children were the flowers in my garden of life.  Daniel was my “thorny rose.”  Joseph was a sweet reliable old-fashioned phlox.  John Thomas was a shy little “Johnny jump-up.”  Michaela was a beautiful morning glory, riding on the backs of her brothers.  If my children were flowers, certainly my grandbabies are as well!

My little granddaughter. Who can resist this wispy hair and these big eyes?
My grandson. “Beautiful, beautiful boy,” as John Lennon said.

I planted some more flowers in Jason’s yard. The deer came and had a feast with the clematis, but I have a couple of cages to cover it, and hopefully I can nurture it back to life! It is pretty even with the ground right now.  So far, other new plants remain untouched by the deer and growing!

Solomon’s seal.
Some iris bulbs planted last fall have come up beautifully this spring!


I am off to study some this evening. I recently purchased an old cash register drawer. I have cleaned that up this evening and have to drop it off at the shop. (Yes, the shop will be closing by September, but I could NOT resist!) It will end up in my private studio at some point. I promise some pictures soon! I really need to clean up Miss Ellie (my Element)! Ever since I opened up the shop, Miss Ellie stays sort of messy!

Enjoy this day!

Bee Balm, Clematis, Yarrow

I used to try to keep a notebook of my garden.  It was fun to look back through it and realize which plants had really taken off and which plants had disappeared so readily I forgot I ever had them!  For now, I am going to try and keep up with plants here.  These were planted in April 2017, Durham.

Clematis virginiana (virgin’s bower), Monarda fistulosa (“Claire Grace”), and Achillea millefolium (“Salmon Beauty”).
Salmon Beauty. Photo source:
Clematis virginiana. Photo source:
Monarda “Claire Grace.” Photo source: