Awesome Hats

So I promised a photo of the way cool hat. In addition, here is a very cute wizard hat that went into the shop today.


The outfit.


A Way Cool Hat

One of the things I love most about the shop and selling vintage clothes and hats is meeting the customers. Yesterday I met a very fun person, someone whose boyfriend is a musician, and we hit it off immediately in our feelings about how clothes add to a gig or performance. The dressing up can totally affect how you feel about playing. Anyway, it was while she was in the shop and we were talking clothes that I made the decision to go ahead and pull this hat from the shelf to keep for myself. It is just amazing the way it fits and sits. Yep, I said that. I will wear it out when the weather gets cooler.

This hat is just talking to me right now. And I gotta listen. 😉

Enjoy this day!


A Lovely Face From Long Ago

My dear friends,

Suddenly, I am me. I just am not sure how to even say it, but it is like there is light. I have many areas in my life where I need to improve, including the amount of quiet time I spend with God, but I have such a sense of “everything is okay.” Finally.

I have acquired over the last few months literally dozens and dozens of old photos. Many of the ones I have purchased lately are from the 1800s. Small photos. The faces seem to have so much to tell, but they are mostly somber. The attire looks stiff and hot, but very proud and modest. I found a tiny photo the other day, and the girl’s face was so faded, you almost could not even make it out, but I scanned it and applied an effect or two in a photo editing app.

Isn’t it amazing? If only her name had been written on the back. I wonder, oh I wonder who she was!

The next photo is not old, as I am sure you will instantly know. I wore one of the vintage hats for awhile in the shop on Saturday. It was a fun thing to do, and a hit! I sold 11 hats over the weekend! I rolled my hair up in the back and rocked a pillbox hat.

Isn’t it cute?

That is all for now. Jason and I are about to practice our guitars. I have not really practiced in days. Ugh. I should be practicing 5 hours a day to get to 10,000 hours!! You know they say 10,000 hours means mastery!

Enjoy this day!