Sunday Ketchup

Okay. Not ketchup. Catch-up. I have been picked on a little by Jason about my southern accent. Lovingly, of course. It is what it is. A drawl, I suppose. Anyway, ketchup seemed the way to start this post.

My day did not start out like I had planned. I overslept and missed my church meeting, so here I sit having some quiet time. Reading. Posting. Practicing my guitar. I have to do better in certain areas of my life. This is one of them.

The week has been very, very busy. The beautiful weather here is such a welcome change from the icy cold, and people have been out in droves in every part of town, including my shop. I am just so very much enjoying meeting the people who come in. I met an especially nice couple yesterday who came in and chatted and took pictures. They were from out of town but were interested in the history of my hometown. They took a very good set of pictures of the shop and sent them to me.

Something that had not occurred to me prior to opening the shop is that people would come in to sell things to me! This has been such a fun part of the job! Sometimes the offerings do not fit the personality of my shop but sometimes they do! Sometimes I have the cash and can indulge, sometimes I cannot. A recent potential purchase was this beautiful late-1800s blouse. Oh my!! The owner wanted more than I could pay. 60-75 dollars for one piece. Was I tempted? Yes! Do I respect the price she asked? Yes! I am sure the piece is unusual. Most clothing items just don’t make it to 120 years old. Anyway, I took her number and may call her back at some point. She was kind to let me get some photos. Very nice lady!

In other news, I guess the fan-cam at the UNC basketball games works. Yours truly.

Now, here are some things that have inspired me, from Pinterest.

Source — bunnies and kitties. Enough said.

Source — a dream of mine is a building completely from recycled materials.

Source — can there be too many greenhouse pictures?


Source — gasp!! Pink!!!



There. I guess you know where my mind is today.

Enjoy this day!


Coffee and Chocolate

In case you Peeps are wondering about my morning coffee.

It is a very difficult job, but someone has to work on this bag of Ghiradelli chocolates! I volunteered, knocking everyone else away, shielding them from the danger ahead. There are only a few left in the bag, so I think I have everything under control.


The shop was so pretty on Saturday, prepared for Valentine’s Day. It was a good day! And speaking of Valentine’s Day, my dear sweet friend Jason bought me a baby guitar for the shop for Valentine’s Day. It is small enough to carry into the shop and not take up too much space. “Baby” guitar gives the impression of a child’s instrument, but many companies now are making baby and mini guitars that have great tone and are perfect for travel for adults.

I tried out a Martin,a Yahama, and a Taylor. It came down to the Taylor and the Yahama. The Martin was set up to play with an amp, and I did not need that. Also, I was not sure how I felt about the thickness of the neck of the Martin. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised with the tone of the Yahama, and the price was perfect, as far as I was concerned! Not that I think Yamaha is bad by any means. It is just that Jason has a baby Taylor himself, and I already knew how great it sounded, so I had already set the Taylor on a pedestal in my mind, I guess.

I love this little vintage tray. Made in Italy. Currently in the shop.

And these old fabric flowers. Ahhhhh.

Now, some things that have inspired me this morning.

Beautiful altered couture.


A perfectly perfect greenhouse screen door.


Be still my heart! Heart-stopping boots.


With that, enjoy this day!