Niche Gardens

Be still my heart!  I mentioned the words “garden center,” and Jason took me straightaway to Niche Gardens, a place I have not had a chance to visit in a long time!  It is sort of a drive out into the country, but the customers make their way out there due to the large variety of plants, especially hardy, unusual and native plants.  They have rows and rows of plants for sale, whimsical garden displays, a few garden statuary items, and — the gem of it all — a beautiful woodland garden where they display a lot of what you can buy there.  Enjoy!

The huge woodland garden is packed full of perennials! There are beautiful specimen trees. The ground is a literal carpet of moss, pebble pathways, blooming ground covers and wispy fairy-like plants! I was in love. I felt loved. I loved it!

Enjoy this day!

Walk With Me…

Ahhhh, remember the days when I used to take you on garden walks? Well, I got a quick photo the other day of the old garden. Brace yourselves.

Renovation of the old house spills into the garden.

I mourn for several reasons. It is very real that my garden is no longer mine, but I am not sure I can ever stop saying “my garden.” I am also happy for several reasons. It is delightful that someone purchased this home and is finally going to save it from collapse. Believe me, it was on its way at the rate it was being neglected, and please understand that I was a mirror of the home — the state I was in. I was being cared for about as well as the home was.  Oh, I cleaned and kept the house full of love, but there were things and people needing attention and it just was not happening.  I don’t want to belabor this sorrowful fact, but it does seem to need clarification when I talk about the state of the house.  A marriage is not made of one person.  Anger does not fix problems.  I have heard from people who are involved with the house now that part of the home was being held up by a “stick.”  I used to worry about things I was seeing in our home, but when I brought it up I was met with anger.  It was “NOT A PROBLEM!!”  What could I do?  I was being held up by a tiny stick as well.  It is a wonder I did not cave before I finally got out of the dark place I was living in, literally and emotionally.  I am only now realizing just how sick and mentally exhausted I was upon leaving.

That said, I am now the happiest I have ever been. I love studying something new, playing music (did another open mic the other night!), house hunting, my dear Jason and the garden we are planning together, and the list goes on. In fact, Jason and I went to Chuy’s last night to enjoy a meal and to talk.

Have you been to Chuy’s? Oh my goodness gracious! I love the way it is decorated. It is a Mexican restaurant chain that was started in Austin, Texas. Look at the photos and you will see what I mean…

Tribute to Elvis.

In other news, I am heading into the weekend having spent some free time shopping for the shop this week. Tomorrow is the day I open Sidetracked!  My happy place!  I am working hard to finish all school work for the week. Monday will start a new chapter in our textbook. Sigh. I am a bit behind this week, I admit.  Anyway, I had a lot of fun out shopping for the shop. I also wire-wrapped a few more stones. I saw an inspiring sign while out shopping. I spent some of my study time at Foster’s Market in Durham, another yummy place to just relax and take in some quiet time.  So life this week has been as crazy as this paragraph just sounded!  A bit of shopping, a bit of studying, a bit of shopping, studying, working…

Be Your Beautiful Self
The little garden area in front of Foster’s Market.
The little garden area in front of Foster’s Market.
The little garden area in front of Foster’s Market.
More wire-wrapped stones. Kambaba Jasper and Dalmation Jasper.

I better close here.  Much more to do before the week ends!

Enjoy this day.


My Orchid Blooms Again

I have watered it exactly as directed: two little plastic cups full, once a week.  It has been sitting in a conditioned space (my sweet shop) in a bright window all throughout the past year.  And guess what!

The orchid Jason bought for me is blooming again. I have never kept an orchid this long, so I really didn’t even know if it would bloom a second time. How sweet!

In guitar news, we did manage to see that amazing performer I alluded to last week. Tommy Emmanuel. He has done a TED talk that will explain a bit about how he plays guitar and how he thinks of music. It was an amazing show! I just cannot even say in words how inspiring he was.  His opening act, Joe Robinson was great for sure, and the light show during Tommy Emmanuel’s music was phenomenal.

Seeing someone so amazing can inspire you greatly, or it can make you timid about ever picking up your guitar again!  We decided to keep on trying!

Enjoy this day!


Wire Wrapped Stones and the UNC Game

What a post title!  No telling what sorts of Google searches will bring this post to the top!  Last night Jason and I attended the UNC game.  It was a fun game but sort of nondescript.  The two teams sort of just kept up with each other the whole time, but I was very proud of UNC for leading and winning!  As an aside, I was feeling very tired last night, so ignore my description of the game if you think otherwise.  Normally I am standing and active during the games, but I sat through most the  game.


I have been learning a little about wire wrapping lately and have really enjoyed wrapping some pretty stones and crystals.

raw rose quartz

I am placing them on leather cords for Sidetracked and for the Etsy shop. This has been an extremely busy week for me so I still have not gotten them into my Etsy shop yet, but I am hoping to in the next couple of days.

I must run for now, but just wanted to at least drop in and say hello! Looking forward to getting around to all of your blogs this evening and in the morning!

Enjoy this day!


North Carolina Snow and Walking the Dogs

Well, the weathermen were right about snow…in some areas of North Carolina!  This was one of those storms that dropped nearly a foot of snow in some places, but then not far away only dropped rain.  There are some frustrated NC residents, folks who bought sleds and milk and bread, but then only got rain.  We got about half a foot of snow around here, maybe a little more.  It ended up being a mix of sleet and snow.  It sure is pretty, but baby it’s cold outside!

A friend of ours is snowed in as a nurse where she works. We agreed to walk her dogs for her. We sent her some sweet pictures to let her know that her babies are happy and cared for!

Bailey is white. Little Guy is black. They have their bright Christmas sweaters on and are ready to go see the fluffy white stuff!

Once outside, they did their business and ran for home! Did not take long for their little paws to get cold! I do think they enjoyed it, though! They jumped through the deep snow and ran ahead, making us run to keep up with them.

In other news, something very, very sweet, I know you remember that Michaela and I were raising bunnies, way back when, at the old house. It is heartbreaking to give away animals. It is heartbreaking to see what it does to your children. Some of the families in our homeschooling group adopted our bunnies when I left the old house. Three or four of them took a bunny apiece. One family that I had only known from the internet took several of them.  I am happy to report that we keep up with two of the bunnies. Sadly, Basil is gone now, but he was loved and well cared for the duration of his life. Anyway, check this out! Below you will see Gingersnap, the bun-bun that was born with somewhat splayed legs, a deformity that bunnies can have. Can you believe that Gingersnap is now a spoiled indoor bun-bun who lives and sleeps with a beagle, and runs and jumps in the snow? Be still my heart.

Yes, this is Michaela’s little Gingersnap, now cared for by owners who have a wonderful loving home. It warmed my heart to see this.  Gingersnap looks to be doing pretty good with his hind legs.  It was not as bad a deformity as it could have been, but he always did hop a little funny and slow.

That is all for now, but stay tuned for snow photos! Enjoy this day!