The Thoughts Behind Those Eyes

Dear Peeps,

Oh oh oh, it is Friday night! I am actually doing some recording in the studio of my dear friend this evening. We worked on one of my songs recently but tonight we are working on one of his. I am singing three or four lines of backup vocals. My wish is for some CDs to be made from all of this. If it comes to pass, I will sure let you know!

In other news, the sleep mask lady (as we have so named her) has changed up her scarf and necklace today. She sold the velvet choker with the bee on it.

I think she looks quite serene with her coffee cup necklace and white cotton scarf. But hers is not the only face I looked at today.

Every time I look at these two I wonder what they are talking about. (Don’t you love old photos?)

And be still my heart! Look at this beautiful old photo, taken by Elmer Chickering. He must have been an excellent photographer. A search of his work shows that he photographed some famous people. Out of all the old photos I have, this is one of the clearest. It is just lovely. Look at her dress! Imagine the sewing that went into that.

Another face or two is this celestial sort of wall plaque added to the shop recently.

My sweet mama brought me a Norman Rockwell piece. It is neat. It feels like a framed tile. Very pretty.

Norman Rockwell never gets old. I have sold two Rockwell collector plates.

On a final note, all of the christmas-y things have been removed from the shop. I am thinking forward to spring. Today I worked on getting a shelf or two in the mood for early spring. (I do promise not to forget about Valentine’s Day!)

Enjoy this day!


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And So I Begin Again

My dear friends,

The more things change the more they stay the same, I guess. Perhaps the planets are aligned to help me clean house in more ways than one lately.  My washing machine blew up two days ago. One of my sons and I are going in together to buy a new and better washing machine in the next couple of weeks. That is a refreshing thing. Hard to believe that I have been acquainted with about four or five washing machines over the last five years. I have moved four times in the last five years which has brought me in contact with multiple of many appliances, including clothes dryers, toasters, coffee pots, etc.

The washing machine is not the only thing that decided to break permanently. I received a notice yesterday that my seven years’ worth of blogging at A Mother’s Journal is gone.  Done for. Ended.  Oh, I could have made an effort to disinfect the files that someone hacked, all 126 of them, but it contains so many photos and links to a painful past, I am happy to see it go.  When you go to A Mother’s Journal you will now be directed to my new home online. It is a clean, new online house full of antique white, guitars and music, touches of pink and silver, and a happy heart.   I feel lighter and better, and I did not realize what a weight it all was until it was magically gone without my having to make a choice.

I look forward to continuing my friendship with those of you I have known for so long. I look forward to new friendships online.

The little caboose where I have my shop called sidetracked is a sweet, sweet place to be. There are vintage hats, soft linen and cotton creations from a sewing machine, and lovely little collectibles like the Norman Rockwell plate that just sold.

Enjoy this day!
(Some things never change.)