Sunday Ketchup

Okay. Not ketchup. Catch-up. I have been picked on a little by Jason about my southern accent. Lovingly, of course. It is what it is. A drawl, I suppose. Anyway, ketchup seemed the way to start this post.

My day did not start out like I had planned. I overslept and missed my church meeting, so here I sit having some quiet time. Reading. Posting. Practicing my guitar. I have to do better in certain areas of my life. This is one of them.

The week has been very, very busy. The beautiful weather here is such a welcome change from the icy cold, and people have been out in droves in every part of town, including my shop. I am just so very much enjoying meeting the people who come in. I met an especially nice couple yesterday who came in and chatted and took pictures. They were from out of town but were interested in the history of my hometown. They took a very good set of pictures of the shop and sent them to me.

Something that had not occurred to me prior to opening the shop is that people would come in to sell things to me! This has been such a fun part of the job! Sometimes the offerings do not fit the personality of my shop but sometimes they do! Sometimes I have the cash and can indulge, sometimes I cannot. A recent potential purchase was this beautiful late-1800s blouse. Oh my!! The owner wanted more than I could pay. 60-75 dollars for one piece. Was I tempted? Yes! Do I respect the price she asked? Yes! I am sure the piece is unusual. Most clothing items just don’t make it to 120 years old. Anyway, I took her number and may call her back at some point. She was kind to let me get some photos. Very nice lady!

In other news, I guess the fan-cam at the UNC basketball games works. Yours truly.

Now, here are some things that have inspired me, from Pinterest.

Source — bunnies and kitties. Enough said.

Source — a dream of mine is a building completely from recycled materials.

Source — can there be too many greenhouse pictures?


Source — gasp!! Pink!!!



There. I guess you know where my mind is today.

Enjoy this day!


Christmas at Sidetracked

Dear Friends,

Just dropping in to share some photos from the shop right now.

Actually, the old transferware dish sold this afternoon. I loved that piece. I would have loved knowing exactly how old it was. To my mind, it sold to the most unlikely customer! A couple of men on motorcycles stopped by on their journey to Virginia (imagine riding in this cold weather!). They were both bulky with outerwear. One of them went to his motorcycle and came back with a trumpet. He serenaded the caboose with “White Christmas” and I sang the words I knew. After the song, they shopped. I wrapped the dish up snuggly for the ride.

Peeps, I highly suggest you open your own stores for these kinds of unpredictable events.

Mama, I know you would love this enamelware coffee pot!

The deer piece had such a lovely silhouette and yet the colors were not right. It looked chintzy. Enter spray paint. Kerpow!

There are quite a few pieceS of my altered couture in the shop now. I especially enjoy making bags. I like to just start with scraps of fabric that appeal to me and see what happens! I just made a new bag the other day that I need to get photos of. Folks, the countdown to Christmas is really here. Not many more shopping days, but I can see this most recent bag selling. I have also made over a dozen brooches for Christmas and to fill special orders. Those are curing as I type.

I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season!

Enjoy this day!


Oh my dear peeps,

Adventures never cease. The shop brings delight to me, and this week especially it brought some visitors who just made my heart sing! A beautiful young couple came in. The man had a kitten snuggled into his zipped-up jacket. He made sure it was okay with me to bring the kitten in. Of course!! Bring the kitten!

As it turns out, they saw a kitten on line, fell in love with him and then drove from New York to pick this kitty up!

This kitten may look like a typical black and white at first, but it is long haired! Look at the beard! I found myself so drawn to this sweet couple who were so well mannered and polite. He bought her a hat. The more I looked at him the more he reminded me of my oldest son.

I told him how much. He said he’d like to see a picture of my son. I did not have one at the moment but I did text him the pictures I took of him, his pretty girlfriend and their new kitten. Fast forward to today when my big boy Daniel came by to see me. I told Daniel the story. He could see the same resemblance. So we had fun taking a quick picture of Daniel and then putting it side by side with our visitor’s picture.

Can you see it? I then enjoyed texting the picture to my visitor and telling him about his NC twin. He called me “NC mom” and wished me Happy Holidays. I don’t know. Maybe it is just me, but I love thinking of the fact that there are so many good and kind people in the world.

This evening I did some shopping for the shop. What fun. Oh peeps.

Enjoy this day!