The Coolest Rain Boots Ever and Painting A Mirror

Dear Peeps,

Today’s post is partly a daily outfit post and partly a tutorial.

Recently purchased this plaid dress — new, the fuzzy vest — new, and some gently used boots that are absolutely awesome!

I love that there are so many wonderful stores for clothes shopping around here! The dress, from Rue 21, was 5 dollars on clearance. We have an outlet mall close to where I live, and they have some great sales. I don’t get there frequently, but every once in a while I go and always find something cool.

The boots? Be still my heart! Rain boots shaped like cowboy boots. They are covered in sugar skulls. Brand is Blazin’ Roxx.

Guess I look more hippie today than gypsy.

Now, about that tutorial. I love to fix up mirrors and give them an antique look. It is very easy to do.

Use painter’s tape to keep the mirror part safe from paint. Spray paint the frame with paint plus primer in a black color.

Once that layer of paint is dry, take a bar of soap and rub the frame in some high points where the frame would get natural wear. You can look at my pictures for example.

Spray paint next with antique white spray paint plus primer, all in one can. After the frame is completely dry, take a utility cloth or paper towels and rub hard enough to take the white paint off where you placed the soap. It should come off fairly easily in those places and leave the black paint showing underneath.

I love it!

Dinner out this evening so gotta run. I am glad it is Friday!!

Enjoy this day!


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Christmas at Sidetracked

Dear Friends,

Just dropping in to share some photos from the shop right now.

Actually, the old transferware dish sold this afternoon. I loved that piece. I would have loved knowing exactly how old it was. To my mind, it sold to the most unlikely customer! A couple of men on motorcycles stopped by on their journey to Virginia (imagine riding in this cold weather!). They were both bulky with outerwear. One of them went to his motorcycle and came back with a trumpet. He serenaded the caboose with “White Christmas” and I sang the words I knew. After the song, they shopped. I wrapped the dish up snuggly for the ride.

Peeps, I highly suggest you open your own stores for these kinds of unpredictable events.

Mama, I know you would love this enamelware coffee pot!

The deer piece had such a lovely silhouette and yet the colors were not right. It looked chintzy. Enter spray paint. Kerpow!

There are quite a few pieceS of my altered couture in the shop now. I especially enjoy making bags. I like to just start with scraps of fabric that appeal to me and see what happens! I just made a new bag the other day that I need to get photos of. Folks, the countdown to Christmas is really here. Not many more shopping days, but I can see this most recent bag selling. I have also made over a dozen brooches for Christmas and to fill special orders. Those are curing as I type.

I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season!

Enjoy this day!


Thoughts from today, December 10, 2015

 Dear Friends,

 This is awesome! I am feeling like this blog will be more like an actual journal after all. It is so much easier to post on blogger as opposed to the way I was doing my WordPress blog on a hosted site. I had to transfer photos to the server and then point to them with their URLs. But enough technical talk. I am just thankful that I have my iPad and a new blogging platform.

I talked to my sweet mama on the phone at least twice today. She is the author of a blog called Henny Penny Lane. Together, while on the phone, we visited a blog in her blog list. It is the Quilted Nest Blog. What a lovely place! I was looking at recent posts there, but then went back to one of her old posts and found this…

Her original post is here

Be still my heart! I have an ugly train case that squealed to me from the corner when I saw this post. May I say it already has its first coat of Rustoleum 2X Heirloom White, one of my favorite all-time tools. I will be sure and post pictures when it is done. Oh, it will be in the shop.

Business continues to grow. My daughter has helped me some in the shop. I love meeting the people who come in. I mean, every single peep has a story. And I am open to hearing it.

Here are a few pictures of the shop today. Oh, and some sort of fungus or mushroom that I saw growing at the base of a tree. I have a lot of vintage postcards in the shop. The one below is featured upsidedown in the collage (brilliant me). I love the pink! The roses are from a bouquet that I dried.

I never did get the Rosemary potted up today. Ding dang it. But tomorrow!! Yes. Tomorrow.

Enjoy this day!