Sweet, Lovely Find — Vintage Paper Dolls

I remember reading about little girls of long ago, before the days of excessive toys or anything electronic. They would cut “paper dolls” from leftover catalogs and magazines given to them by their mothers. That was their fun!

Recently I came across an old magazine from 1907. When I opened it up, I was delighted! There inside was a stack of cut-out paper dolls. Babies. Bonnets. Ladies. Parasols. Rugs. Hats.  Horses.  Buggies.

I wonder what little girl cut these out. It looks like she even colored a few of her own! So sweet!  Enjoy.

Enjoy this day!

“We Are In Yorkshire”

Okay!  How many of you thought I was really gone?  Raise your hands.

But I might really say that one day!  I might.  You just don’t know!

Actually I am still in my little apartment, but I have been thinking of England.  Yeah.  I remember when Daniel was a baby, my favorite magazine subscription was Victoria magazine.  I anxiously awaited each one and then read through cover to cover, holding or watching baby Daniel, all in one sitting.  Those were the days.

My particularly favorite issues were the ones about England.  If you are a Victoria magazine fan, then you know exactly the ones I mean.

Yep!  And…


Along about the same time, I fell in love with Princess Diana.  She was so princess like, not to mention she was a real princess!  I began keeping scrapbooks of Diana and the royal family.  Oh what fun!

I’ll admit it.  I cried when I heard about Diana’s death.  She was just a pretty person.  It touched my heart.  Life is brief, even for a princess.
Fast forward to today, when I am thinking of what I’ll be doing with myself the rest of my life.  I mean, hope burns strong, but reality is reality.  I wonder where I’ll end up.  Don’t think England hasn’t crossed my mind.  I remember standing in the office of a college professor, his walls covered with posters of England, and dreaming.  I wanted to go there, back then.  Why didn’t I?  I guess I didn’t think I could.  At this point in life, the question I ask myself is why wouldn’t you go?

Then, recently, I was asked to take a look at the website of a school campus in England.   Oh my.

My dear friends who don’t have anything else to do and are free to pack a suitcase, would you like to run off with me to England and go to high school and college all over again?  Oh, let’s!  Please!  Just this once?

Actually I have spent the last half hour or so looking around Queen Ethelburga’s school website.  There’s a lot of information on the site and I felt a bit overwhelmed at first, but then I watched a film about the school.  The film is here.  Honestly, they offer so much, I really was impressed.   And the location of the school!  Can anyone say Brontes?  Truly, this took me back to the days when I dreamed of England.

So who’s goin’ with me?

Enjoy this day!