Rocking the Blues in 1980s Vintage Clothes

Once again, it’s somewhat of a fashion post.  If these bore you or drive you crazy, just skip over them.  I love creating outfits.  And don’t forget that I have the shop to think of.  When I wear my vintage items out, it is amazing how many people will ask where I got them.  Uh, my shop!  I love collecting vintage things and I love providing amazing outfits for local entertainers and theater peeps.

Now, the1980s fashion scene might seem horrid; and, in a lot of ways it was.  But some of the coolest, cutest dresses are from the late 80s and into the 90s.  Sadly, one way to tell if something is older and from this time (and earlier) is whether or not it was made in the USA.  Look at the tag.  You won’t see many modern items made in the USA.  Isn’t that sad?

Jason had a gig Saturday night, so I decided to rock a 1980s vibe.  The jacket is an awesome jacket with stripes, made in USA by Stringbean.  The dress is a rocking 1980s or 90s by Street Code, made in USA.  Wish we still had all these awesome clothes made here in our country!

Enjoy this day!

Tornado Blues Band
Tornado Blues Band with guests the Hornados.
Vintage 1980s or 90s jacket by Stringbean
Vintage 1980s or 90s jacket by Stringbean
Vintage dress by Street Code
Vintage dress by Street Code. Sparkly tights. Boots by Merona from Target.
Jacket by Stringbean.