False Alarm

Dear Peeps,

As you probably know from the previous post’s comments, last night was a false alarm. I guess we all are a little bit tired today, but it was definitely something that needed to be checked out. Baby is still safely riding around waiting to be born.

It is another cold day here. I could use a warm couch and a blanket and about an hour-long nap. Maybe in a little bit that will be a do-able thing. But I have things to do and places to be this evening so it won’t be a long nap! That’s for sure.

I’ve been scanning more vintage papers lately. This is the inside cover (I think) of an old seed catalog: Good and Reese 1896. Isn’t it pretty! I love the look of old papers and inks. And I am crazy about the fonts they used for printing. Things just are not the same, though I guess there are actually some amazing reproductions and choices out there now.

Another item scanned into the library is this old ad for Egg-O-See. It is a cereal that ensures perfect health and good nature. Good nature? Hmmm. I sure could have used this when my kids were running around like wild animals, jumping on beds and swinging in the trees. Or maybe when they were arguing. Yes. Definitely.

But speaking of perfect health, I was going through postcards the other day and doing some reading. Again. So much fun! The postcard above is from 1914. It seemed so light-hearted until I turned it over.

Dear Mrs. Larson,

I rec’d your card today. Was glad to hear from you. I have wrote two cards and I sent them to Hope Kaus so that is the last of them. I sent my girl to the hospital on Tues. with dropsy. She is very sick. Everything o.k. at home. My love to all.

Mrs. H.J. Batschelet

Postmarked December 31, 1914

I did another Google search and found where in 1913 someone by this name filed a claim with the US post office for burglary. Looks like the claim was made in Duboistown, PA. Lo and behold that is where this was postmarked. In looking at the 1940 census there was a Harry L. Beschelet born in Pennsylvania in 1876 and living in Duboistown. I am presuming Edith was his wife. If these are the folks on the postcard it would make sense. At the time the postcard was written, Edith would have been 36 years old. So young!

The rest of the card I am not quite sure about. I see Elmo. Kaus. c/o John…is that Bain? I guess at this point I will stop with it. Perhaps someone working on genealogy will come across their family member here. As you know, this has happened with one of my postcards before.

Regarding the shop, I have made some really fun signs recently from old campaign signs. Cover in white paper. Glue on printed vintage letters.

Enjoy this day!


Grandbaby, When Will You Be Here?

Dear Peeps,

Here I am, back at my son’s house and wondering if there will be a baby soon. Technically the baby is due in 3-1/2 weeks but it could be sooner. I will let you know soon if it is really a baby on the way or a false alarm. In the meantime, the house is quiet and I am waiting on word from mom and dad while I listen to the whir of a fan and any sign of my 1-1/2-year-old grandson stirring. He is asleep in his crib, totally unaware that his world could be upsidedown tomorrow at this time. A new sister. Hmmmm.

I love this old bird illustration from a 1911 postcard in the shop. It actually makes me think of little ones. Sweet little birds, very helpless in many ways. I am excited about seeing my granddaughter. I hope all goes well. We had quite the scare when Greyson was born. I was there in the hospital room for the birth. He crowned. The head delivered. Then he got stuck. Shoulder dystocia is what they call it. All I know it that the room filled with people, a countdown began to mark off the seconds baby was getting no oxygen. My son looked at me. I looked at him. It seemed like an eternity before the yells to push harder and the maneuvers done by three or four nurses and a midwife freed the 9-plus pound baby. Then all was quiet. My daughter-in-law asked if her baby was okay. I could not answer because I honestly did not know. He seemed very limp. When Greyson finally cried, it was the most beautiful sound in the world. He was not the only one crying.

On that note I will close. I am going to stretch out on the couch and wait for news from mom and dad. It could be an early morning with a 1-1/2-year-old. I have not done this in awhile!

Enjoy this day!