Beautiful Antique Cupboards Galore!

I was out over the weekend, shopping at a favorite store:  Branching Out in Chapel Hill.  That store is MAGIC to me!  Inspired by Deb at Just Cats, I decided to take some cluttered-cupboard photos to share.  I love stuff, clutter, dishes, knick-knacks, whatever you want to call it!  As long as it is organized!  Organized clutter can be a beautiful thing!

I love the large mirror above.
This cupboard reminds me of the 50s.
This is my favorite.
All the pink! Be still my heart.
Silver and white.
Lots of scientific-looking things in this one.

I am busy into a new week. I wanted to post yesterday, but the day just flew away so quickly! Seems there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. I am working on homemade Valentine cards for the shop. (I promise to show them soon!) Trying to get a little guitar practice in; trying to learn a new blues tune. Learning something new, something academic, which hopefully I will reveal down the road. Just busy, busy!

Barnes & Noble

The week has already included a trip to Barnes and Noble to get books for my new endeavor, but I had to stop and look at the craft magazines!  I would not call this much of an outfit post!  Leggings, boots and long cowl neck shirt.

Dinner at City Kitchen.

I had an awesome meal with guitar player extraordinaire, Jason Barker, at City Kitchen. I LOVE the art work on the walls, and the food is amazing.  I had the golden beet risotto. Yum!  Music is a regular topic of discussion, and Jason has taught me so much about the guitar.  Just wish I could play at the level I want to be at and that I feel I should be at by now.  I have to cut myself some slack, however, because so many other aspects of life must be tended to!  There’s work, the shop, children, grandchildren, and so much more.  So I practice when I can.

City Kitchen.


Well, I am off to finish the day, with a little help and hope from above.

Enjoy this day!