The Altered Duvet Cover

Symbolic?  Perhaps.  It could easily represent the splitting up of a marriage, but we are not going to look at it that way.  No.  We really are not.  However, the symbolism was not lost on me as I cut up a duvet cover over the weekend and made curtains for my large office widow.

I had been wondering what to do about curtains.  The blinds are nice, I guess.  They get pulled up each morning, let down around noon but set to let in light, closed completely when the sun is the hottest, pulled back up when dusk arrives, then closed at darkness. I wanted something pretty from the inside and the outside.  Something billowly, with color, but also something that would let in light.

Not enough money.  No.  I scoured the thrift stores.  Nothing big enough.  Not enough that matched.  Tuesday Morning had discounted draperies, but still too much.  Still too much.  Then I remembered a duvet cover going to waste back at the old house.  It has been folded up, waiting.

I remembered the tabs for tying the cover closed.  “Perfect for curtains!“

I love the look of them.  Sort of shabby. Sort of country.  A bit English countryside.  Maybe?  Be still my heart.

Anyway, I walked outside to take a look, and when closed, they look like a stained glass window.  Oh my.  Perfect.

I’d much rather pull a curtain panel than lift blinds all day.  Besides, who doesn’t like a stained glass window?

So there you have it!  An idea for your old duvet covers.
Expect a new name for our apartment cottage soon.  We cannot be going around without a name, and Sage Bunny Cottage just doesn’t work anymore.  But I have an idea in mind.   Or maybe two.

Must run.  Lots to do.  Working today, enjoying my billowy new curtains.  Enjoying the soreness of muscles that worked out at the gym last night!  Yes I did!!  Michaela made me do it, and I am so grateful to that little gem of a girl.  We’ll be going (hopefully, fingers crossed, stick a needle in my eye), every day.

Enjoy this day!


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