The Cats in my Life

Good Morning.

I am ready for spring. I remember how excited I used to get over my garden at the old house, seeing tiny amounts of green and longing for spring. Now my garden is in front of Sidetracked. Small though it is, I am looking forward to lots of rosemary and other herbs and flowers. Butterflies and bees. Be still my heart. I can’t wait. But I guess I will have to!

In the meantime I found out about some of the kitties that hang around Sidetracked. They are pretty feral but they are cared for and fed by a couple of generous folks who provide food and get them medical care. They are all spayed and neutered. That is awesome. The pretty gray cat on the rooftop is Marietta. There is another gray girl named Mollie June. Then there are two black males named Dave and Toots. Those are the cats that will make appearances.

The cats up close in my life these days are of course Vlad and Lucy, my snuggle buddies, and Jason’s two cats. They all provide quite the show at their respective homes.

This is Mars. Red boy. He has a few different names depending on his career choice for the day.

His new sidekick is Amelia, recently rescued from the shelter. She has turned out to be the perfect companion for Mars. Mars’ old companion was Spice. Spice nearly made it to 20 years. You can imagine the loss to Jason. Twenty years. That’s a long time.

Of course they play and keep each other company and sometimes they have a power struggle over the window seat.

But mostly they groom each other and sleep side by side and plot how they will take over the world.

I took a few pictures of th snow around Sidetracked.

The children who visit the shop just love the frog.

So that is enough for now. This was a nice break.

Enjoy this day!


7 thoughts on “The Cats in my Life”

  1. I think I might look at the teacher's page to see what they see. The alignment is good, no letters or words hanging around that shouldn't be here.

    1. Thank you for visiting, too. Something from nothing is always fun to make. The birds love the feeders. I suspect it has nothing to do with their beauty but their content.

      Have a blessed day.

  2. Beautiful kitties. We have an old gal ~ a Calico named Minnie, she's 15 and a bit cranky. Annabelle is rescue kitty from the pound. She was found in a bag in front of a Lowe's. Sweetest girl ever, but Minnie isn't exactly pleased!

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