The Coolest Rain Boots Ever and Painting A Mirror

Dear Peeps,

Today’s post is partly a daily outfit post and partly a tutorial.

Recently purchased this plaid dress — new, the fuzzy vest — new, and some gently used boots that are absolutely awesome!

I love that there are so many wonderful stores for clothes shopping around here! The dress, from Rue 21, was 5 dollars on clearance. We have an outlet mall close to where I live, and they have some great sales. I don’t get there frequently, but every once in a while I go and always find something cool.

The boots? Be still my heart! Rain boots shaped like cowboy boots. They are covered in sugar skulls. Brand is Blazin’ Roxx.

Guess I look more hippie today than gypsy.

Now, about that tutorial. I love to fix up mirrors and give them an antique look. It is very easy to do.

Use painter’s tape to keep the mirror part safe from paint. Spray paint the frame with paint plus primer in a black color.

Once that layer of paint is dry, take a bar of soap and rub the frame in some high points where the frame would get natural wear. You can look at my pictures for example.

Spray paint next with antique white spray paint plus primer, all in one can. After the frame is completely dry, take a utility cloth or paper towels and rub hard enough to take the white paint off where you placed the soap. It should come off fairly easily in those places and leave the black paint showing underneath.

I love it!

Dinner out this evening so gotta run. I am glad it is Friday!!

Enjoy this day!


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10 thoughts on “The Coolest Rain Boots Ever and Painting A Mirror”

  1. Hi from Ohio – is it just me or are others finding your blog hard to read – the text goes in a long skinny column to the right of the pictures, breaking up the words into 2 character lines. It's a bit of a puzzle to figure out. Been that way since you switched the blog to Sidetracked. Not sure if before, but it's been awhile. Interesting boots! Love the plaid dress – looks cozy.

    1. Hi, Arlene!! So sorry about your issue with viewing the blog. I just had Jason pull it up on his desktop and it looks good on his. I keep my photos to a max size of 600 px. width. I just don't understand. If I figure anything out I will post it.

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