The Day After Christmas,

Good morning!

Peeps, I am so excited about being in my little store all day! Today will begin my after-Christmas sale! And I will begin looking to springtime and ways I can ready the shop for that beautiful time. Yes, I know we still have winter to get through but this is the time to plan!!

The image above is from an early-1900s scrapbook I recently purchased. Such sweet images! I keep trying to picture the (young?) lady who kept it. Seems the older I get the more I love such things, so maybe it was not a young lady.

In other news, Vlad and Lucy had great fun with everything Christmas. Vlad is getting huge, peeps!

Lucy is daintier and more refined.

For you cat people, I have a question. It is my opinion that Vlad and Lucy know EXACTLY what they are doing when the TV comes on. They realize that we actually look at it, so they sit right in front of it. Right?

Enough for now. I am ready for spring. Sigh.

Enjoy this day!


6 thoughts on “The Day After Christmas,”

  1. Yes my cats sit in front of the TV, climb up onto the fireplace, play with the houseplants, in fact anything that gets my attention back on to them, whether its good or bad !
    Vlad reminds me so much of my dear Sopicat.

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