The July Garden 2008 — Looking Ahead

I am still wading through photos. They are waist high! Well, not really, but feels like it. I do love the gasp, shock, and thrill of opening each digital folder and remembering days gone by. As I plan new garden beds, it is useful to study old photos and decide what I want to recreate and what I do NOT want to recreate.

Garden paths:  a for-sure thing.  They add personality to a garden!  They add structure and good bones.  They have to be in the right place.  A pathway needs to lead somewhere.   I need to buy a stack of garden pavers and begin the process of planning mosaic tops for them.  I think about 10 would do nicely for a start.  I have a place in mind for them.  They will round the corner of the house and mark a path underneath a huge tree/shrub that bends toward the house like an arbor.

garden path

A goldfish pond is something I will surely recreate. I love water in the garden. The sound, the look, the wildlife it brings ’round.

cats love a garden

Cats love a garden! Mind you, I do not want a dozen feral cats ravaging my creatures, but I do feel like we have several neighborhood cats who I would like to have wallowing in the sunshine! (Pouncy, I mean you.)

cassia – wild “volunteer”

I definitely still want a mix of native wild plants and cultivated nursery plants. I want things I can harvest safely for infusions, which means, at least in my garden haven, there will be no pesticides!

Asiatic lily

The arbor. My friend. I will definitely want another arbor or two, but they do have to have a place. One cannot just stick an arbor randomly in a yard and hope for grace. The arbor needs to be a magical door to somewhere you want to go in the garden.

Enjoy this day!

3 thoughts on “The July Garden 2008 — Looking Ahead”

  1. ……..oh, and you should do more you tube videos while creating your new garden. loved your other ones of the stepping stones tutorial!

    1. Hi, Connie! Thank you so much! I will try to incorporate some videos. I look forward to this new garden as well. I want a forever garden.

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