The Little Cottage Garden at Sidetracked Vintage

Here we are; it’s Monday again!  Over the weekend I took some photos of the garden at Sidetracked, my little shop.  It was a pretty, sunny day, even if a bit windy and chilly.  The garden at Sidetracked is so sweet.  I love it.  It has a bit of the personality of my old “Wild Little Garden” at the old house where I raised my children.  I know some day I will have to let this garden at Sidetracked go as well, because towns are always changing, real estate is bought and sold, and places grow, sometimes leaving no room for old shops.  In the meantime, however, I have LOVED having a shop of my own and learning how to manage inventory, take care of taxes, and purchase items for sale.

Truly a garden “bed.”
Nice glass piece that had a crack, so it adds sparkle to the garden.
Old tin box with mint (which is pretty much asleep right now).
Chipped vintage rooster guards the rosemary.
Ahhh, I see a hint of purple! Grape hyacinth.

In feline news, Vlad let us know recently that he has been running a limo service on the side of what he normally does, which is run the apartment.  Actually, he didn’t even let us know!  We saw this ad in a local magazine.

Mars, on the other hand, has a photography studio. The Meowfia is so powerful around here. The kitties are constantly sending messages to and fro, and they rarely let us humans in on what is going on outside of our own little world.

Even here, I am sure there are LOTS of messages being passed back and forth right in front of our ignorant eyes. But it will all come out at some point when we least expect it.

MILF: Mature Intelligent Likable Female.

That last photo! Oh my! Jason is constantly doing artsy things with photos and videos, and I never know when I will show up in something that ends up in my text message feed. I love it. He has written a song about MILFs that is just awesome! In fact, I would like to remind him to play it sometime.

This has been a nice blogging break, but time moves on. I have to go to the post office today during lunch (among other things). My work day is not done yet, and there is more guitar practice ahead. (Hopefully!) Each day is full of hope and joy and wonder, and I am so thankful for that, in every way.

Enjoy this day!


12 thoughts on “The Little Cottage Garden at Sidetracked Vintage”

  1. Sleeping gardens, secret lives of cats, you in a bottle? What will I find over here next? 🙂
    Yes, gardens come and go. I am getting ready to sell my home this coming year. I just got my garden boxes up to snuff and all the previous owner’s mistakes corrected. (Who plants hosta in full sun and lilies in the shade?) I hope you can enjoy this garden for as long as you desire! Have a great week.

    1. Hi, Jenn! Yes, never a dull moment around here. How exciting to move (in a way) on to a new adventure, but I totally hear you about starting again. I have done it too many times! xoxo Lynn

  2. Dear Lynn,

    The garden is calling us already, isn’t it? How nice that it’s warm enough for you to overwinter rosemary there. It must get nice and big! I’ve been cleaning up my garden, and thinking of whom I can give my precious plants to, since we won’t be able to take them with us when we move.
    We do think we’ve found our dream farm, so Lord willing we’ll be there soon!

    1. Hi, Marqueta! Yes, it is calling! And I do love that we can keep rosemary year ’round. Rosemary is one of my favorites. I do hope you’ve found your dream farm. I am actually house shopping myself right now. Love you! Lynn

  3. Isn’t it encouraging to find even a speck of something green in the garden this time of year. I read recently, somewhere???, that even though it looks as if things are sleeping; underground there is much happening. The roots are beginning to stir and grow strong enough to support all that green goodness above ground come spring and summer.

    I’m so glad you have a little spot to dig around in—–it’s so important for a gardener—–any little bit of earth will do. “A bit of earth” is one of the songs from the play “A Secret Garden”. The book the play is based on is one of my favorites (from the time I was about 12 or so) and I re-read it periodically.

    1. Victoria, oh yes! Just a little parcel of ground to play around in! Yes! It is so exciting to think of the plant work going on underground. I am truly looking forward to spring this year. xoxo Lynn
      PS – I love the movie version of A Secret Garden. I have not read the book!

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