The Magical Garden: I Shall Never Get Tired of Plants and Garden Whimsy

A few photos from the little whimsical garden outside my shop, Sidetracked:

A planter full of sedums.

Bottles sit atop metal posts.
Bottles in the garden.
A stack of this and that.

I will close with a few photos taken from an antique photograph in the shop currently. There was no information on the back of the photograph, but I sure wish there had been!

Enjoy this day!

10 thoughts on “The Magical Garden: I Shall Never Get Tired of Plants and Garden Whimsy”

  1. It is all so pretty Lynn! Those old pictures! Don’t you bet his suit was homemade? Love you Lynn. I’ve been in the garden this morning! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Mama. Yes, I bet it was. What work! I worked in the Lynnwood Garden over the weekend. LOVE. I love you!! ~your oldest child

    1. Dear Marqueta, I do wonder about the background story! Are they engaged? Married? Siblings? Students? Who knows! I just love this old stuff. I would love to see it in color, her dress and the prints in the fabric. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Love, Lynn

  2. Hi Lynn, your garden at Sidetracked looks lovely! I see we have a few similar plants in our garden.
    Love the old photo. Such a handsome couple. Wonder why no one smiled in old photos??
    Take care.

    1. Hi, Robin! I bet we do like some of the same plants. I have heard that people did not smile because the photos would be blurry if there was any movement. So everyone was told to be completely still. Not entirely sure. xoxo Lynn

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