The Prettiest Flowers: Babies, Columbine, Solomon’s Seal, Sedum

There are pretty flowers, and then, there are pretty flowers!  I used to say my children were the flowers in my garden of life.  Daniel was my “thorny rose.”  Joseph was a sweet reliable old-fashioned phlox.  John Thomas was a shy little “Johnny jump-up.”  Michaela was a beautiful morning glory, riding on the backs of her brothers.  If my children were flowers, certainly my grandbabies are as well!

My little granddaughter. Who can resist this wispy hair and these big eyes?
My grandson. “Beautiful, beautiful boy,” as John Lennon said.

I planted some more flowers in Jason’s yard. The deer came and had a feast with the clematis, but I have a couple of cages to cover it, and hopefully I can nurture it back to life! It is pretty even with the ground right now.  So far, other new plants remain untouched by the deer and growing!

Solomon’s seal.
Some iris bulbs planted last fall have come up beautifully this spring!


I am off to study some this evening. I recently purchased an old cash register drawer. I have cleaned that up this evening and have to drop it off at the shop. (Yes, the shop will be closing by September, but I could NOT resist!) It will end up in my private studio at some point. I promise some pictures soon! I really need to clean up Miss Ellie (my Element)! Ever since I opened up the shop, Miss Ellie stays sort of messy!

Enjoy this day!

10 thoughts on “The Prettiest Flowers: Babies, Columbine, Solomon’s Seal, Sedum”

  1. What lovely plants! Your seasons are much different than ours. We probably won’t have irises until June sometime!
    Your grandsons are very sweet!
    Have a good day Lynn!

    1. Hi, Robin! Thank you so much. I should have noted that the first little face was my granddaughter. It is indeed to hard to tell from that photo that she is a SHE. She looks like a little flower-fairy with her pale blond hair sticking out in little wisps! The green shirt does not help to clarify, either! I am so enjoying my gardening! xo Lynn

  2. Hi Lynn! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a very encouraging comment. It’s so good to hear from you. 🙂 Your little flower fairies are gorgeous, and I love the flowers too.
    The old photos in your sidebar are wonderful; I’m always intrigued by the facial expressions, body language, and clothing in old pictures. Recently we attended a family reunion on my maternal grandmother’s side, and I was shocked at the family resemblance of my girls in the old pictures on display. 🙂 So much fun.
    I thought about you earlier this week while unboxing my Easter decor–a little pink bun-bun hopped out of the box and joined the party. SO GLAD to hear you’re doing well.
    Happy Easter! <3

    1. April, so good to hear from you! Thank you for coming over. I love those little clay bun-bun’s. Have not made any in awhile, but still have the artwork I am doing for the book and some completed bunnies I saved for myself, plus a few more that I have not finished yet.
      Happy Easter,

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