The Wait Is Still On For Baby

Baby, oh baby, I am tired. We had another “false alarm” last night but it was not really false. The baby is engaged. There are real contractions doing real work. But not quite to the point where they keep you. You know, not like 4 or 5 cm yet. So everyone is waiting it out at home again. But it cannot be long!

My little sweetie Greyson woke up to an empty house except for me. I think he was confused. He started crying. He loves the movie Frozen. So guess what we were doing at midnight?

Yep. I did what I had to do. Not gonna let that baby cry And cry. No no. Grandma is gonna watch Frozen.

I figured he’d get used to the fact that he was with me, accept it and fall asleep. That is exactly what he did. Sweet baby. He loves the music in Frozen. He will watch and watch and watch.

So I am just really beat today. Slept in Greyson’s room on the small bed next to his crib but I woke up at every sound. Got extra close to make sure he was okay at times he was sound asleep. Stood there staring at him. He is like a replica of his dad.

In other news wanted to share some shop photos.

Felted purse. Old papers. Bracelet.

Party dresses.

And I wanted to show you too the most recent bag I made. It is from some coffee fabric curtains!! I love it!!

I will hopefully post new baby pictures soon.

Enjoy this day!


8 thoughts on “The Wait Is Still On For Baby”

  1. Such pretty store items! I love the bag you made! Your grandson is so cute. I think I would enjoy a movie like Frozen….I need a pick-me-up in this yukky snow which is getting old here. I will say a prayer for the baby's birth…since her contractions are working so hard now, the birth might come easy (let's hope…"easy" is such a conditional word in this case!) Andrea

  2. I love that picture of you and little Greyson. He looks so much like Joseph! I like the coffee fabric. It made into a really pretty bag. Looks like a bag you should carry! I love you! Mom

  3. Such an exciting time waiting for baby!! Your grandson is precious. Mine lives Frozen too😀 You sound like me and my grandson – we pretty much do what he wants when he's here. I have a sign in my kitchen that says " I can at MiMi's"- yeh, that says it all,

    1. Thanks! Laurie! I have don't the same thing with the quotations. I think we see one thing on our devices and it translates to something else in blogger. Can't wait to see my new grandbaby!!

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