Therapy: Journal Pages

When I am sad.  When I hurt.  When I have trouble just being still and letting go of things,  I make a journal page.  I have a small stack of papers, all the same size, all from the same type of paper.  I pull out the glue or Mod Podge and scissors, and I make a page with a theme of thought or color.  It helps me.  Every time.

Yes, I did, thankfully.

Tonight, particularly tonight, I just ache. Emotionally, I hurt. If I could only just pour my story out. But I will “go high” as they say, and not pour it out. I long for a wand to help those I love. I long for some magic dust to right the wrongs in this world. To help the underdog. To heal those who have been treated unfairly. I just hurt.  For everyone.  For everything.  For myself.  For others.

I guess art is a very safe thing to do, and I am sure it is healing. I am sure. Music is art, and it does the same thing for me.  My guitar, cradled in my arms, it helps.  What do you do when you feel restless? It is very easy, frail human beings that we are, to “act out” when we are restless. That might mean getting up and going somewhere. It might mean making a decision. (Probably not a good idea, that last one.) It might mean turning to a vice of some kind. Maybe it means raging or sleeping or crying.  It is very hard, in this frail state we exist in, to simply be still. I am really working on that. I think it is a lifelong process.

Enjoy this day!


8 thoughts on “Therapy: Journal Pages”

  1. #hazardsofbeinganempath

    Love the idea of doing journal pages for the various times you listed. Ah, yes.
    You shine forth as one who has managed to stay tender, yet strong. It is excruciating to watch those we love, suffer.
    There’s a land that is fairer than day…..let us through off every entanglement which so easily trips us and distracts us from the true goal.
    Stay true. Trust.
    Take extra good care,

    1. Jen, you light here like a little dove when I am missing you! Thanks so much for the kind encouragement! I am feeling better today, and you are so right. One of my goals this year is to read and pray more. I have tried to not become hardened at all, tried to not be bitter, but I do sometimes feel numb. I think finally that is getting better. I am so thankful to still feel God’s love. xoxo Lynn

  2. Hello Lynn,

    First of all, I am so sorry that you are hurting right now. I love the idea of journal pages like you are doing. That gives me some good ideas.

    When I am hurting, whether it be physically or emotionally, (I have fibromyalgia) I tend to either head to the kitchen to bake something new (the focus on a new recipe really takes the focus off me), or I read a good book (which takes me to a far off land while introducing me to new people or a new period in history, etc.) , or I pick up the yarn and crochet hook.

    I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog today. I love your mom’s aprons! I just ordered another one from her. She is the sweetest person and I love her blog!

    Hugs to you, hurting one.

    1. Dianna, thanks so much for coming over for a visit! I love the ideas that you shared. Yes, my mama is so sweet. I do love her so. I have some aprons that she made for me, and I think of her when I wear them. Hugs, Lynn

  3. Dearest Lynn,
    Sending you gentle hugs today. I cannot imagine the ache you must have in your heart. Yet, you remain lovely and kind and a light to others.

    I love the journal pages you created. You are so talented. Everything you make is absolutely beautiful. Art is so healing. Every time I paint a corgi I feel like a add a piece of sunshine to my soul. I’m glad you have your art and your music.

    In some of my darkest hours playing my little piano has soothed my soul. I am rereading Anne of Green Gables right now. Sounds silly I know, but sometimes I like to revisit old friends from literature. Anne is my favorite. It helps calm me when I reread something that touched me before.

    Keep encouraged sweet lady, you are always thought of dearly here. Your friendship means so much. xoxo Val

    1. Thank you, Valerie! What if I admit I have never fully read Anne of Green Gables! I know I should, but I don’t think I ever have. I know I would love it. I am crazy about your corgi art! It is so adorable! I am glad you have art and music as well. Wish I could play the piano. 🙂 Love and hugs!! Lynn

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