This day.

Woke up with a little bit of a sore throat. Feel great, however. Strained my oatstraw infusion. Took a fashion stump photo.

OK, so I took two pictures.

Stopped and filled up with gas. I have to drive to work today. Sat in a traffic jam because of traffic accidents. Sang really loud to my favorite Bonnie Raitt songs. I saw several accidents in this heavy fog we have today. One of them was an overturned tractor trailer.

I arrived to work safely, thank goodness. The fog is so thick!

Lunch was a salad in the cafe. With bread. Ugh. I know I should not cheat, but they do have the best bread.

Mixed greens. Garbanzo beans. Black olives. Broccoli. Cranberries. Ranch dressing.

I made it through the day. And went home.

Now it’s time to package up Etsy orders!

Enjoy this day!


4 thoughts on “This day.”

  1. Sounds like a very trafficky commute, sometimes we have those here, so please be careful! I would probably eat the bread first, then if I had enough room, the salad! You look great, spring is on the way, XO Terry

    1. Terry, yes it is. Awful on most days. Thank you. Ugh — I have a few pounds that have stuck to my middle somehow, and I need to lose them! 🙂 xo Lynn

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