Doll House Emergency Supplies

This week we finished up our studies of Storm in the Night.

And you know me. I was inspired to make something for the doll house. As luck would have it – or should I say as the occasion was presented to me, I ran out of my favorite eye cream. The little jar could certainly not be discarded. Anything small has to be considered as furniture or some little thing for the dolls. You’ll see the little jar sitting up at the corner of the book, above, freshly turned into a stool that doubles as storage. For now, let’s take the top off and see what’s inside.

Oh, it looks exciting!!

It’s emergency supplies!! A book of matches for the doll house candle, and a flashlight! And they’ll always be located in the comfy storage stool so we know how to get to them quickly!

Do you know what the flashlight is made from? The little extension pieces that you would use to increase the size of the posts in a scrapbook! They even unscrew so the dolls can pretend to put in new batteries. The tip, light and switch are tiny pieces of felt that were hot-glued on.

Here’s brother, who’s pulled the stool up close to sister’s bed so he can read to her. She’s not feeling well today.

The satin trim on the stool came from an old pair of pajama bottoms that finally wore out, but the tie around the waist was too pretty to throw out, so it went into the “string drawer.” The top of the stool is padded with a cotton ball with a circular piece of fabric placed over the top and then hot-glued into place. The final touch was the trim glued around. The little matchbook is just a little black piece of paper folded with the matches drawn onto a white piece of paper and glued inside.


PS – Miniatures are fun, but remember they are small and not for children too young to understand about not putting thing in their mouths.

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