Thoughts from today, December 10, 2015

 Dear Friends,

 This is awesome! I am feeling like this blog will be more like an actual journal after all. It is so much easier to post on blogger as opposed to the way I was doing my WordPress blog on a hosted site. I had to transfer photos to the server and then point to them with their URLs. But enough technical talk. I am just thankful that I have my iPad and a new blogging platform.

I talked to my sweet mama on the phone at least twice today. She is the author of a blog called Henny Penny Lane. Together, while on the phone, we visited a blog in her blog list. It is the Quilted Nest Blog. What a lovely place! I was looking at recent posts there, but then went back to one of her old posts and found this…

Her original post is here

Be still my heart! I have an ugly train case that squealed to me from the corner when I saw this post. May I say it already has its first coat of Rustoleum 2X Heirloom White, one of my favorite all-time tools. I will be sure and post pictures when it is done. Oh, it will be in the shop.

Business continues to grow. My daughter has helped me some in the shop. I love meeting the people who come in. I mean, every single peep has a story. And I am open to hearing it.

Here are a few pictures of the shop today. Oh, and some sort of fungus or mushroom that I saw growing at the base of a tree. I have a lot of vintage postcards in the shop. The one below is featured upsidedown in the collage (brilliant me). I love the pink! The roses are from a bouquet that I dried.

I never did get the Rosemary potted up today. Ding dang it. But tomorrow!! Yes. Tomorrow.

Enjoy this day!

6 thoughts on “Thoughts from today, December 10, 2015”

    1. Joyce, thank you so much. I lost all of the content of my blog, all 7-8 years of it, so there's not much here at this point. Thank you so much for stopping by! xoxo Lynn

  1. I'm so glad you are back on Blogger – I couldn't 'get along' with your other one, everytime I wanted to comment I had to fill in my details – very offputting and it stopped me commenting.
    Wishing you continuing success with Sidetracked.

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