Traveler’s Notebooks

Good morning, friends!

Dang, I am such an all-or-none person. I feel like if I can’t say it all, then don’t say anything.  That has always cost me.  Anyway, I have been sooooooo busy with my Etsy shop and YouTube.  I am finally dropping in here to share a few things.  (I am sheepishly hoping no one notices how long it has been since I posted.)

First of all, if any of you use traveler’s notebooks, I have some awesome, pretty (but plain for easy writing) TNs in the Etsy shop.  Great price, and I so appreciate the support!  In fact, it means the world!









Second of all, I was looking through some old pictures (be still my heart) and wondered if anyone remembers those good old days of homeschooling and lesson plans?

The old house. Lots happened here!
Lots of field trips and Charlotte Mason lesson plans!
Baby bunnies! “Something to love.” ~Charlotte Mason


I may be taking a few more trips down memory lane, so stay tuned! And don’t forget to check out my Etsy and YouTube if you are so inclined. Coming soon on YT is a trip to the Raulston Arboretum in Raleigh. 😉

Thank you for stopping in, old and new friends! I appreciate all of your comments and support! I started to write a long, long post explaining more about all I have been through, what happened with the old house, and more, but I said, oh dear, keep your feet in the here-and-now, so here we are.


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  1. Having known you virtually so long, I can understand the loving and bittersweet memories! Always enjoy your news, no matter how long between posts. Love, Terry

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