Tuxedo Cat Vladimir Loves Bubbles

Okay.  I know cats don’t belong on kitchen counters.  It is not a kitty place.  However, anyone who has cats and knows cats, well, um, cats go where they want to.  It is why we regularly brush our kitties and why we keep Clorox Clean-Up in the kitchen to keep counters disinfected.  Of course, our kitties are routinely shooed away from the counters; however, when the bubbles come out of the Dawn dishwashing container, it’s game on.

How can you not love a big, curious, sweet, bubble-loving tuxedo cat named Vladimir?

Make more bubbles!
Where are the bubbles?

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14 thoughts on “Tuxedo Cat Vladimir Loves Bubbles”

  1. Ohhhhh he is just precious!!!!!!

    And of course kitties love bubbles. They are just little kids/kittens at heart. A lesson, we could all learn, from them, perhaps…?


  2. I just purchased catnip bubbles, but haven’t tried them out yet. We have a gorgeous tuxedo named Sylvie–called Booper for obvious reasons. She’s my dearest. 🙂
    Have a happy day!

    1. April, I will have to check them out! I have never heard of them. I bet Sylvie is beautiful! I have read that tuxedo cats are smarter than average. Happy Day! Lynn

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