Vladimir and the Dress

Vladimir was not in a dress.  So don’t think that!  Vladimir does indeed like to get in the middle of whatever is going on, but no, he was not in the dress.  Actually, yesterday I got some really good photos of Vladimir sitting in the window, the sun making his eyes look like beautiful yellow-green marbles!

The temperature was good out — not too cold, so I opened a window. Vladimir went directly to the screened window to look out and listen to the sounds of neighbors coming and going.

The dress came later in the day, when I got out during my lunch break and stopped into a little antique store. It is an adorable altered piece of clothing, but the down side is that there is no way to actually wear it without putting in a zipper or buttons. It is completely closed at the bust/waist, as in no way to put it on, and too narrow to slip over the head. I did consider buying it and altering it more, but since I already have several projects under way, I will work on my own. I was told this was made specifically for a window display in a little consignment shop. It is indeed lovely, and I hope we can all get some inspiration from it!

Enjoy this day!


14 thoughts on “Vladimir and the Dress”

  1. Great pics of Valdimir, Lynn!

    It is such a shame that the dress didn’t have a zipper or buttons. It is such a pretty dress!

    Good luck with your own projects!

    1. Dianna, thank you! I guess the dress was just for display originally, but so pretty!!! I wanted to wear it with cowboy boots!! xo Lynn

  2. Hi Lynn! I don’t like oysters but that last post made me hungry for them…ha… Darn that tire! Such nice tread….you’d think the rock would have not pierced it but I guess it’s point was in at just the right place. That kitty is so cute. Love your dress find! Andrea xo

    1. Andrea, I did not think I liked them much either really, but these were really good. There was discussion about washing before cooking versus not, and these were not, so a very sea/salt taste. I have no idea what the proper thing to do it, but they were cooked in a pit of coals, so I guess they were fine. Here I am five days later still alive. And that tread: oh yes, brand new tires. Glad Goodyear stepped up and gave me a deep discount. I appreciated that very much. xoxo Lynn

    1. Mama, I knew you would love it. You would love this entire store! It is packed with treasures, especially lots of lace and linens, quilts, rugs, etc. Just full of pretty things! Love you! ~your one and only oldest child.

  3. I love the different colors of cats’ eyes. They are so intense! And way to go, leaving the dress in favor of having time to work on projects in progress. That is hard to do!

    1. Hi, Jenn! I agree. Very intense. Thanks for reassuring me that I did the right thing! 🙂 It is so hard to do sometimes! xo Lynn

    1. Dear Marqueta, Yes, indeed!! I love them. Thank you for the vote of confidence. I have to get started on something soon. Love, Lynn <3

  4. That dress is such a delight to see and inspirational I have so many vintage trimmings it would be nice to make something similar. I am having a sort out of my wardrobes at the moment and may save a skirt or two to add some vintage lace and adornments.

    1. Mamasmercantile, I love doing things like that! This dress has me in the mode to shift back to altering clothing. I get tired with one craft and have to switch to something else sometimes. xo Lynn

    1. Robin, thank you so much for stopping in! I sure wanted that dress to be one I could wear! Sigh. Yep, Vlad is pretty handsome. He’s always getting into something, though, let me tell you. He knows how to turn the light switches on and off! xo Lynn

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