Vladimir the Great Big Lap Cat

Dear Friends,

Guess what I bought today? No, not a great big lap cat! I already had Vladimir! Today I got a computer. I had grand illusions of getting something awesome, like maybe a brand new Apple, but here I am again with an HP desktop from Wal-Mart. We shall see how it goes. A girl has to save money where she can. That said, I do like a Windows format, since I am used to it. I just wish HP and other companies would not load so much unnecessary crap onto the computers. There is just layer after layer of activate this, set up that. I feel like screaming. Nevertheless, here I am, blogging again, and hoping (with Jason’s help) to recover some files from the old, dead computers. Over time, this site will house a lot of things from over the years. It is a goal that I have had for awhile, and it just could not be done from an iPad. Jason would always let me use his computer, but I just wanted my own. I am like that.


Vladimir is so huge. He meows, in deep, low, mournful meows, wanting food. And he gets it. It helps preserve the carpet. If he does NOT get food, he goes to someone’s bedroom door, usually John’s, and begs and scratches. At last weigh-in he was 16 pounds. I think he is heavier than that now. We have to put him on a diet. But it will NOT be easy with this cat. Cats have a way of doing as they please, if you know what I mean.

If you notice my lacy top, I’m glad! I love it. I have found about 20 different such items lately, and I am just in heaven. You know how I love things like that. This particular jacket/wrap is by Linda Lunstrom.

Enjoy this day!


4 thoughts on “Vladimir the Great Big Lap Cat”

  1. Lynn you are a diamond in the rough,
    So capable of any challenge Talented
    Beyond believe. Your words often have a ring of sadness. But then you are a real person and one of my favorites.

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