Waiting to cross the road…

On my way into the office.

And I passed by these sweet things on my way.

Once at work, someone has put a creepy doll in the office.

My back itches.

I am tired.

I cannot wait to be in my studio.

Spinach salad and Mediterranean couscous and broccoli raisin salad for lunch.

That’s about all for now.

Enjoy this day!


6 thoughts on “Waiting to cross the road…”

  1. Hello Lynn,
    I am sorry it has been so long since I’ve been by to visit. Life has been crazy around here since July. My mother passed away October 9 so life has slowed down, but I certainly do miss her. I will be back to visiting on a regular basis now. Thank you for one phrase that you use in all of your posts…”Enjoy this day”. We never know if we will have another day to enjoy…especially with our loved ones.

    1. Dianna, no worries at all! I have been TERRIBLE at blogging lately. My job has turned into a 60-hour-a-week ordeal. I do love my job, but it has been very stressful lately! I do think we should enjoy every day. And I always love your thankfulness attitude! I am so very sorry about your loss. There is no one like our mothers!!

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