The Well Read Doll

My dear friend Michele at Smile, Wink, Nod posted a wonderful link today, so I have to thank her for helping me find this! How could I have missed this sweet bunch of miniature printables at Hitty Print Mini? Oh, never mind, at least I know about it now! And I thought you would want to know as well.

Today we made the dolls a bunch of books for the doll house!

These were so cute printed out!! A page of book covers. I simply cut out each tiny book cover, folded it in half, and then glued it with a glue stick around a piece of nice smooth cardboard (think thick card stock).

Just to show you how mini they really are.

You know now I must make a doll house bookshelf. These dolls love books! I love these dolls.


4 thoughts on “The Well Read Doll”

  1. I forgot about all the pintables on the Hitty site. Julie who owns this site is a wonderful person and so giving. I use to be very active on the Hitty yahoo group, but due to time, I have not been able to keep up with the group… Have you and the princess read the book Hitty yet?


  2. Hi Lynn,
    I was taking a break from school work and holiday prep and on your suggestion went to the Hitty site. I was fasinated. What a delightful little adventure! I had never heard of Hitty dolls before but was enamored with the stories, and the print outs of the book jackets,labels,etc. What a great find for the dollhouse! I have put my Gingerbreadhouse on display for the holidays and while on Christmas break will begin my next project.It is a three story Victorian I think will become the next Gingerbreadhouse in what could become a small village someday! Thanks again for the tip!
    Hapy Holidays,

  3. Louise, I’ve been meaning to answer you! Too busy here! Believe it or not, it was my oldest son and I who read Hitty. I am really looking forward to reading it with my daughter soon.

    Amity, thank you!

    Diane, the Gingerbread village sounds lovely! Isn’t this Hitty site cute?


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