What does Amelia love?

I am not sure if Amelia is most in love with Jason or the music. I think it’s Jason though. She acts like she’s married to him. 😊

Sitting at the Honda dealership waiting to get my oil changed and the front end aligned.

Thought I might write a few lines and share some photos.

I just finished up a gorgeous journal. It has a touch of steampunk about it. I am so proud of this journal. All pages are sewn into a fabric-covered book. It is so lovely!

I was really wanting to get home tonight and work on some ephemera packs for the shop and work in my art Journal, but here goes two hours of my day. These car things DO need to be done, right?

Enjoy this day!


4 thoughts on “What does Amelia love?”

  1. Love the journal, one of a kind! It looks really antique. Amelia is lovely and she looks like she loves all things in her world,

    Have a beautiful day, Terry

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