What Stress

It sure has been tense around here lately. Amelia has been a student for awhile at Strayer University and has been studying commewnications. We have been supportive of this, because she is very smart, but now she is talking about transferring to ITT Tech or University of Phoenix next semeowster.

We worry that she may try and reinvent herself too many times. She needs to have focus. You know?

And then there is Mars. When I saw the picture of Amelia at Strayer, I asked why in the world Mars took that box with him! Come to find out, he can’t think outside the box.

Musically, though, Mars is really into his keyboards. He’s got a couple of albums out right now.

I really thought he was done after the first one but then he did the London Sessions.

It has been critically well received I think.

Enjoy this day. And keep an eye on your cats. The meowfia is more pervasive than you may think. Our neighbor Pouncy is constantly talking to Mars and Amelia through the screen on the back porch. I think he has even offered them cigarettes.


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  1. Lynn, this is so funny!! I can't look at that first picture without laughing. Mars in that box!! Amelia sure made herself at home there, didn't she? Love, Mom

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