What Were Their Names?

Dear Peeps,

Today (Saturday) was a nice day at the shop, even if it was slower today than I’d like. But that is the way of retail, peeps. Anyway, it is my own little personal railroad caboose tiny cottage-like structure! So no worries. I just sew and create and scan.

I scanned a lot more old photos today. These photos are just amazing to me. In this day of constant selfies, there is something very poignant about these photos where the subject and photographer basically had one shot to get it right. No checking and deleting. No filters to change things up instantly on a monitor. I mean, I am learning that skill was a huge factor with old photos, so it is not like there was nothing planned or technical involved, but there is just so much life packed in these photos. It is like the person’s life carried him slam up against a photo op and then he had to hurry up and get on with real life.

I surely wish there was something written on the back of these two photos, but alas there was not. Makes me want to write on all my own photos so when we are long gone someone will know the names of me and my babies. I wonder. Are they all siblings? Cousins together on a Sunday? Friends?

And then…

this picture I just instantly fell in love with. It was so faint, I could hardly make out the faces. Then I scanned it. Then I used a filter to enhance the colors and contrast, etc. Suddenly, there were faces.

Look at the smiles, the clothes, the friendship. And they are gone. Silent, somewhere. And we don’t know their names. But God knows.

I must get to sleep. Enjoy this day.


9 thoughts on “What Were Their Names?”

    1. Thanks, Mama! Yes, I love their dresses. I was trying to figure out their hair. It looks like their hair buns are falling forward! I love you! Your girl.

  1. Loving your blog! Aren't those old pictures neat though! I too wish I knew the names and where the pictures were taken and a little of the life story of each person. We even bought a little green glass vase once at an antique store, that was won at a state fair and the person's name was painted on the side of it. I went on ancestry trying to find out something about the lady who won it, but never did find much. Darn. Any news on that new baby? Poor mama sure is having to wait and wait…..along with you and the rest of your family!

    1. Diane, thank you! Oh, we have a common interest. I LOVE finding something with a name and then researching! No baby yet, though another false alarm early this morning. I know mama is ready to be done with this!

  2. I would say that those dresses are bathing costumes. Fabulous photo!
    I bought a little piece of needlework in a frame at the thrift store, and on an old piece of paper taped to the back is the name of the lady and the name and address of the Woman's Institute she belonged to.

  3. Karen,
    Wow! I love it when the photos have info with them. You know, I wondered about swimming costumes as well. I thought that was water behind them but someone else said it looked like a field. And maybe their wet hair made the buns slide forward. ?

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