Where do the days go?

Sigh. Days upon years. They go so quickly.

I am glad hurricane Florence is over with. Now people begin to rebuild their lives. We have been so fortunate. A big tree fell in the yard. It did not hit anything. Jason has been right on top of cleaning that up.

That is nothing compared to the deaths of people taken under the weight of collapsing homes and trees and by drowning and so on. It’s heartbreaking.

Amelia has sat dutifully on the couch with us, keeping up with the hurricane.

I am not making light of anything. She truly does perch on the couch next to Jason and she really seems interested. I’ve never seen a cat watch tv like she does.

Okay. Gotta go. Stay tuned for garden updates and thoughts on life.

Can’t leave without including a pic of Verne Marshall Fleming. His importance in the house cannot be overstated.

Enjoy this day.


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